Applications that help doctors communicate with patients via video

Some applications help doctors in e-clinics connect with patients via video. What do these programmes do?

Applications that help doctors communicate with patients via video

The process by which doctors provide medical care to patients is still under constant technological development, and as a result, electronic clinics (also known as E-clinics), in which patients can consult with doctors via video calls, have recently become a common occurrence.

Applications that facilitate video patient communication will be covered in this article:

Applications that help doctors communicate with patients via video

Many doctors are looking for the best ways and means that enable them to communicate with patients efficiently and professionally. The following programmes assist doctors in videoconferencing with patients:

  • Duo app

One of the apps that helps the doctor and patient communicate via a high-quality video and audio call is called Duo, and it is a product of the multinational corporation Google.

Duo is very user-friendly and also helps to indicate how long the video call with the patient will last.

  • Zoom application

One of the most crucial apps for setting up video calls with the doctor is called Zoom, and it is special in that it can be downloaded on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

When using the Zoom application, a unique feature that stands out is the ability to share the screen with the patient in order to communicate test results or to explain the medical condition that the patient has.

  • Skype application

One feature that sets the Skype application apart is its ability to connect users from around the world, including those in nations where video calls are not permitted. Skype is one of the more established and well-known applications for high-quality voice and video calls.

  • FaceTime app

FaceTime is one of the most exceptional and wonderful video calling apps available because it allows users to make calls with excellent audio and video quality.

It is important to note that one of the main drawbacks of this application is that it needs an Apple device in order to function, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  • Facebook Messenger app 

An excellent app for video calls with doctors is Facebook Messenger, but using it necessitates having a Facebook account, which may not always be accessible to elderly or technologically illiterate people.

  • WhatsApp

It should be noted that using the WhatsApp application requires the use of the personal numbers of both parties in order to make the call, which may be rejected by some because it does not achieve the required privacy. The WhatsApp application offers voice and video calls in addition to the service of sending messages.

  • Teams app

Because of its many features, including high-quality audio and video, the ability to schedule interview dates, and the ability to share the screen with the patient, the Teams application has emerged as one of the most widely used to make audio and video calls during the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

It's important to remember that the Teams application costs money, so in order to use it, you must sign up for the service.


Modern electronic clinics work on the basis of virtual appointments that include audio and video calls between the doctor and the patient. This communication can be achieved either by communicating with one of the electronic clinic service providers or using any of the applications that support high-quality audio and video calls.

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