Benefits of cinnamon and lemon: what is the truth?

Cinnamon and lemon are common recipes, so what are the true benefits of cinnamon and lemon? And what harms are they?

Benefits of cinnamon and lemon: what is the truth?

What advantages do cinnamon and lemon offer since they have lately been combined? What restrictions apply to their use? This is what we will learn about in this article:

Benefits of cinnamon and lemon: what is the truth?

The advantages of cinnamon and lemon come from the advantages of each of them separately, as shown below, even if studies on the advantages of cinnamon and lemon together have not been undertaken.

  • advantages of cinnamon

Cinnamon has a distinct flavour and numerous advantages, such as:

  1. Contributes to weight loss: Cinnamon contains dietary fiber, which in turn helps stimulate satiety.
  2. Fight cancer: Cinnamon contains anti-cancer enzymes and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which makes it contribute to fighting cancer and limiting its spread.
  3. Prevent Alzheimer's disease: Cinnamon extracts have properties that may reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
  4. Limits the incidence of multiple sclerosis: Because cinnamon has anti-inflammatory effects that affect the nervous system, specifically on some parts of the brain, it also has the ability to restore melanin levels to normal, as damage to the melanin layer on nerve cells leads to multiple sclerosis.
  • Lemon benefits 

Citric acid, which is present in lemons, gives them their sour and characteristic flavour. Here are some advantages of lemons:

1. Maintaining a healthy heart

Lemons provide a healthy amount of dietary fibre, which helps lower bad cholesterol and protects against atherosclerosis.

Additionally, regular consumption of the vitamin C-rich lemon helps to lower the risk of developing several cardiac ailments.

2. Reduce weight

Lemon's pectin fibre grows immediately after consumption, which helps you feel satisfied more quickly and for a longer amount of time.

3. Prevention of anemia

Despite having relatively low quantities of iron, lemon helps to increase the absorption of iron, particularly the iron found in plant diets.

Anemia can be avoided by keeping iron levels regulated.

4. Avoiding kidney stone development

Citric acid, which serves to stop kidney stones from forming, is the cause of this.

Cinnamon and lemon recipes 

The advantages of cinnamon and lemon were already highlighted; now, let's talk about how to prepare them:

  • tea with lemon and cinnamon

Before going to bed, sipping cinnamon and lemon tea may be a fantastic idea because of how warming and delicious it is.

To obtain it, follow these procedures.

  1. Prepare the recipe ingredients before starting: a cup of water, a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a teaspoon of honey , a quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper powder, in addition to a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  2. Boil water and prepare cinnamon powder , black pepper powder, honey and lemon juice and mix them well.
  3. Pour boiling water over the mixture and stir well.
  4. Drink the tea warm.
  • lemon and cinnamon cold beverage

Cinnamon and lemon cold drink is a way to get the various benefits of cinnamon and lemon in addition to feeling refreshed. How to prepare it is as follows:

  1. Start by preparing the ingredients first: two lemons, a small piece of fresh ginger, some cinnamon sticks, and 4 liters of water.
  2. Cut the lemon into slices, then peel the ginger and cut it into thin slices.
  3. Place the lemon slices, ginger, and cinnamon sticks in a large bowl, add water, and store in the refrigerator.

Cautions of using cinnamon and lemon

Despite the fact that cinnamon and lemon have many health advantages, you should avoid them if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Mouth ulcers: Due to the large amount of acids in lemons, you could experience discomfort and tingling while touching these ulcers.
  • Surgery: Stop taking cinnamon at least two weeks prior to surgery since it may influence blood pressure and blood sugar control both during and after the procedure.
  • Esophageal reflux: Heartburn and esophageal reflux are made worse by the acids in lemons.
  • When consumed in the amounts found in food, cinnamon and lemon are safe to consume during pregnancy and during nursing. However, there is no credible information regarding consuming them in higher quantities.

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