Chamomile and anise for sleep: do they really work?

Do you want to know that chamomile and anise both promote sleep? Then you just have to read the article, to know this fact according to reliable practical studies.

Chamomile and anise for sleep: do they really work?

In addition to discussing their side effects, please let us know the following information about chamomile and anise for sleep that was mentioned in the studies:

Chamomile and anise for sleep: what is the truth about it?

Yes, chamomile and star anise in particular are very useful for those who suffer from sleep problems, as they improve its quality and make it better, especially for groups that suffer from these problems, and this benefit to them has been proven by many scientific studies. Details are as follows:

  • chamomile for sleep 

Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of chamomile for sleep; we will list some of the most notable ones below. Some of these studies involved both human and animal subjects.

1. The first study

This study was done on elderly people who have sleep issues. It involved 77 elderly people who were living in nursing homes and were divided into the following groups:

  • After lunch and dinner for four weeks, 400 milligramme chamomile capsules were given to the intervention group.
  • The control group received nothing at all.

The conclusion was that oral chamomile extract administration had sedative effects on the elderly patients' ability to sleep.

2. The second study

After giving birth, 80 women participated in this study to see how chamomile affected the quality of their sleep and how much it decreased their anxiety and depression. They were split into two groups as follows:

  • 40 women participated in the experiment and drank chamomile tea for two weeks.
  • There were 40 women in the control group who only received routine care.

As a result, drinking chamomile tea helped treat women's sleep issues following childbirth and alleviated depression for the short time it was consumed because it has an immediate effect and leaves no lasting physical effects.

  • anise for sleep  

In order to fully understand the benefits of chamomile and anise for sleep, it is necessary to emphasise the significance of anise in this context. It has been discovered that star anise has nerve-calming properties, which improve the quality of sleep and contribute to the nervous stability of the body.

More research on humans is required to confirm this benefit. The study was carried out on male rats and white mice, which were given doses of star anise intravenously. It was discovered that star anise has a strong effect on the central nervous system and an anxiolytic effect, which contributes to improving sleep quality.

How to collect the benefit of chamomile and anise for sleep

In the case of suffering from insomnia, the best solution is to resort to herbal drinks if the health situation allows them to treat the problem, and it has been found that mixing both chamomile and star anise is not objectionable, as one study found that mixing them together contributes to the treatment of diarrhea , and this is sufficient evidence There is nothing wrong with combining them to get additional advantages, like resolving sleep issues.

The following procedures are used to make a drink from them:

  1. Soak chamomile and star anise sachets in hot water for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Filter the drink and drink it.  

Side effects of chamomile and anise

Despite the benefit of chamomile and anise for sleep problems for those who suffer from sleep problems and their other benefits to the body, they have many side effects. Details are as follows:

1. Chamomile side effects

It consisted of the following:

  • allergic reaction.
  • You should abstain from drinking it at least two weeks before any surgical procedure to prevent blood clotting issues.
  • Interaction with blood thinners, sedatives, some types of pain relievers, and diabetes medications.

2. Star anise side effects

As Chinese star anise is typically considered safe for most people, it should be chosen instead of Japanese star anise, which is extremely toxic. This is because Chinese star anise's only known side effect is an allergic reaction, as opposed to Japanese star anise, which may result in any of the following:

  • seizures.
  • hallucinations
  • Nausea .

Finally, it should be noted that it is prohibited to give both star anise and chamomile to children and infants because star anise is toxic to them and chamomile lacks scientific evidence supporting its safety for these age groups.

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