How do e-clinics help people with chronic diseases?

How can e-clinics assist those suffering from chronic diseases?

How do e-clinics help people with chronic diseases?

In recent times, what is known as electronic clinics (E-Clinics) has spread widely, as these clinics helped some groups of patients in particular, such as: people with immunodeficiency diseases, and people living in remote places. But how do online clinics benefit those who have chronic illnesses?

How do e-clinics help people with chronic diseases?

Patients' review of electronic clinics saves them time and effort from the hassle of visiting actual clinics, especially for patients with chronic diseases, as these patients often need follow-up and continuous examinations. The following are the key explanations of how electronic clinics benefit people with chronic diseases:

  • Boost medication compliance in patients

Sending brief text messages, emails, and alerts to patients to remind them of medication appointments is one of the many medical services that e-clinics offer to patients. This significantly increases their commitment to taking these medications.

Reminding patients of their medication appointments is one of the many services offered by YourDoctorTips Pro, a provider of medical services.

  • Increase the frequency of appointment times for exams

In order to maintain the stability of the patient's health condition over the long term, e-clinics assist patients by reminding them to perform the required periodic examinations to check on their health.

Patients with chronic diseases can benefit from a variety of services from YourDoctorTips Pro, including appointment reminders for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and other examinations, as well as the option of integrating the online clinic with laboratories to make it simpler for patients to perform these tests.

  • assisting patients in maintaining a healthy diet

By sending notifications and alerts that remind patients to maintain healthy habits that support the stability of the patient's condition, e-clinics assist patients in sticking to a healthy diet.

Using the electronic clinic, the doctor can create a nutritional plan for the patient that details the foods that must be consumed along with exercise, with the option to change and modify it at any time.

  • assisting patients in remote locations

Chronic disease patients require ongoing and routine doctor visits, which is very challenging for people who live in remote areas.

Remote patients can see a doctor remotely thanks to e-clinics. This ensures that they receive all medical services without having to go to actual clinics.

  • The ease with which the doctor can write new prescriptions (Refill prescriptions)

Patients with chronic illnesses typically visit doctors for prescription refills as the doctor assesses the patient's health and considers whether any changes to the prescription are necessary.

Medical prescriptions can be written electronically by doctors for patients in a simple manner, ensuring the prescription's clarity and preventing its loss.

When a doctor subscribes to the electronic clinic platform, Web Medicine Pro offers the service of writing electronic prescriptions for them.

  • lowering the expense for the patient and the doctor

Eighty-one percent of hospitalised patients have chronic diseases, which is expensive for hospitals as well as for patients who must pay for transportation and doctor appointments.

Making appointments for patients with chronic diseases within the electronic clinics aids in lowering the cost to both the doctor and the patient.


Due to the fact that patients no longer need to repeatedly visit the doctor's office in order to complete the necessary reviews of their health condition, e-clinics have made it easier to schedule medical appointments with patients, especially those who live far away and those who have chronic diseases.

Do you still have concerns about what the electronic clinic can offer patients with chronic diseases in terms of services? Do not hesitate to contact the Web Medicine Pro team to answer all your questions.

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