Migraine treatment with cupping: effective and proven

Can cupping be used to cure migraines? Do studies exist that support this conclusion if the answer is yes? Answers and more you can find in the article.

Migraine treatment with cupping: effective and proven

Along with other crucial details about cupping, please let us know the following on the fact that cupping is used to alleviate migraines according to studies:

Migraine treatment with cupping: is it possible?

Yes, cupping can be used to treat migraines and does have a positive impact on migraine relief. This conclusion was supported by research. On the contrary, there are many studies that have been conducted to prove this result, and we will mention the following, the most prominent of which are:

1. The first study looked at the frequency of injuries.

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of bleeding using wet cupping in the treatment of migraine. The study contained the information below:

  • It involved two years of research with several migraine sufferers.
  • It was done to gauge how bad the patients' headaches were both before and three months after the cupping session.
  • Wet cupping was observed to lower migraine frequency, particularly in the second half of the month it was used, which was a beneficial outcome for 85 patients.

2. The second study: the degree of pain

This study aimed to determine the effect of wet cupping on the intensity of pain in migraine patients, and it was conducted on 132 patients, to show that wet cupping effectively relieved migraine for them.

Does dry cupping have a role in treating migraine?

Wet cupping was cited in every study, as was previously mentioned. What about dry cupping, then? In fact, 218 studies and 6 specific trials have determined that wet cupping is more effective in treating migraine than dry cupping.

Nevertheless, the evidence is regarded as being weak despite these findings and the sheer volume of investigations. Therefore, it is medically recommended to conduct studies and experiments with good and accurate evidence to better know the mechanism of the effect of cupping on migraine treatment.

Cupping mechanism for migraine treatment

In order to understand the idea behind cupping's ability to lower migraine occurrence and intensity, the following steps will be explained in order to learn this principle in greater detail:

  1. Exposure to a stimulus, such as: stress, inhaling strong odors, or exposure to noise, stimulates spasm of the muscles at the base of the skull, and reduces blood flow.
  2. Decreased blood flow means low levels of oxygen reaching the organs, and this is why the blood vessels in the brain expand to compensate for the deficiency, which puts pressure on the nerves, causing migraines.
  3. Cupping is applied to the base of the neck, forehead, and cheekbones, as it works to relax the tense muscles in them, which increases blood flow, and this relieves migraine pain. 

How to treat migraine cupping

It was mentioned in previous studies that it was wet cupping that showed its effectiveness in treating migraine, and this type of cupping is done by a skilled specialist to reduce side effects. The steps for this kind of cupping are as follows:

  1. Make small incisions on the skin at the front of the head.
  2. Set fire to a cupping cup, and wait for it to be extinguished.
  3. Putting the cups upside down on the places of the cracks, and this procedure is the basis of cupping, as when the air cools in the cups, it results in a vacuum that causes the skin to rise, the blood vessels to dilate , and more blood to come out of the cracks. Close to the ears, neck, shoulders, and sometimes the face. 
  4. Leave the cups for about 3 minutes, then remove them. 

Possible side effects of cupping

Although migraine can be treated with cupping, it is not without causing some side effects that are divided as follows:

1. Common side effects

It consisted of the following:

  • itching
  • scarring.
  • Muscle pain .
  • skin infections
  • Increased headache and exhaustion; if this symptom occurs, you should refrain from cupping again because it will exacerbate migraine.

2. Rare side effects

More serious side effects may occur, and a doctor should be consulted if exposed to them. The following are these effects:

  • High body temperature.
  • burns .
  • Severe pains in the body.
  • Pus oozing from the cupping site.

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