People with essential tasks in the e-clinic

Who should you hire to work with you in your e-clinic if you own one? Here is the response:

People with essential tasks in the e-clinic

As these clinics are not only limited to doctors, but also have other staff members whose presence is essential to the clinic's success, it is currently simple to schedule medical appointments with patients through the E-Clinic.

People with essential tasks in the e-clinic

Some essential and significant tasks carried out by people in electronic clinics include the following:

  • physician or healthcare professional

Despite the fact that there are other employees in electronic clinics besides doctors, the doctor is one of the most important people there.

Keeping medical appointments with patients, performing accurate diagnoses and treatments, as well as holding reviews and follow-ups with patients even after treatment is complete, can all be summed up as the doctor's work.

In order to give patients a platform to communicate with doctors via high-quality video and audio calls, YourDoctorTips Pro offers a number of services to doctors that assist them in managing medical appointments within the electronic clinic.

  • nurses 

As it enables the nurses to follow up on patients later and schedule appointments for revisions under the doctor's supervision, the nurses' presence in the electronic clinic is crucial for them to be able to follow the doctor's diagnosis and treatment plan.

Before scheduling an online appointment, nurses can speak with patients to inform them about their health and what the appointment may entail in order to get them ready.

  • medical assistant

In electronic clinics, the role of the medical assistant is crucial because it involves the following tasks:

  1. Medical assistants write a report on the problems that patients face before and during the electronic appointment and write them down in order to work on resolving them and avoiding them in the future. 
  2. Clinical assistants organize appointments and prepare patient records in advance of appointments. This helps doctors and nurses ensure that the appointment runs smoothly and without any problems. 
  3. Medical assistants have the job of writing the doctor's diagnosis and the patient's condition into the patient records. They can also write all types of treatment prescribed by the doctor into these records and under the supervision of the doctor.

In order to distribute tasks in an orderly manner and demonstrate how to complete all of these tasks electronically, Web Medicine Pro offers training courses that can be presented to all individuals working in the electronic clinic.

  • Appointment organizers

It is important to note that one of the most crucial aspects of electronic clinics is the ability for patients to easily schedule appointments online, though some patients may experience difficulties doing so.

Calls from patients about their appointments must be taken in order for appointment coordinators to plan these appointments with the doctor in a timely manner.

The appointment organiser feature is crucial for coordinating between the doctor's actual and virtual appointments, even though YourDoctorTipsPro offers many services related to reminding the doctor and patient of the electronic appointment.

The appointment scheduler also assists in calculating the amount of time needed for each patient during the appointment while compiling data on how to choose the best time for appointments, depending on the circumstances.

  • Administration

The doctor cannot manage the electronic clinic on his own due to the tasks that fall upon him; instead, an administrative staff that may include one person or several people must manage the electronic clinic.

Examining the clinic's operation, assessing patients' opinions following treatment, developing clinic development plans, and figuring out the clinic's financial and moral benefits and return to the doctor and patient serve as a brief summary of the administration's responsibilities.

With numerous suggestions that aid in the development of the clinic, YourDoctorTips Pro offers administrative services related to the work of statistics and analyses the development of the clinic.


The electronic clinic is an integrated unit that includes many workers inside it, starting from the doctor and ending with the administrative staff. For this type of clinic to be successful, all clinic members must work together to develop it and give it the best possible appearance.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team at YourDoctorTips Pro at any time if you require any of the numerous services they provide for training those who work in online clinics.

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