Time to take thyroid pills in Ramadan

The dates for using many medications may vary during the holy month of Ramadan. Do you understand when to take thyroid medication during Ramadan?

Time to take thyroid pills in Ramadan

Doctors often recommend taking thyroid pills early in the morning before breakfast, but what about when to take thyroid pills in Ramadan?

Time to take thyroid pills in Ramadan

Many people are confused about when to take thyroid medications during Ramadan. Thyroid medications can be taken with a little water 30 minutes prior to breakfast, then consumed as usual. However, for some people, this may be challenging because they are quite hungry.

It is important to note that there are additional suitable options for when to take thyroid medication during Ramadan. For example, you can take the medication 30 minutes prior to suhoor and then eat the meal regularly.

It is also possible to take thyroid pills at bedtime, provided that the last meal is at least two hours away from the time of taking thyroid pills.

Other tips for taking thyroid pills

Since we now know when to take thyroid medications during Ramadan, we should get familiar with some additional thyroid medication usage advice. Among this advice, we list the following:

1. Take the pills every day at the same time.

After knowing the different options for when to take thyroid pills in Ramadan, it should be noted that one of these options must be adhered to throughout the holy month, as taking the pills at suhoor on some days and at breakfast on other days may affect the body’s absorption of the drug.

2. Use just one kind of medication

It is necessary to use one type of thyroid pill, as replacing one type with another may cause symptoms to appear , and despite the claim that the two types contain the same dose, the amount of hormone may differ from one type to another.

There are also many factors that may cause some problems when replacing one of the types of thyroid pills, as the absorption rate may differ between different types of pills.

3. Take thyroid pills alone

The absorption of thyroid pills may be impacted by the use of other medications, such as antacids, or supplements, such as iron pills, so thyroid pills should only be used by itself.

Therefore, it is preferable to take any other medication at least 4 hours before taking thyroid pills, or at least 45 minutes after taking thyroid pills.

4. Limiting the consumption of specific foods

There are some foods that may affect thyroid hormone levels when taking thyroid pills, and among these foods we mention:

  • Foods high in fat: Eating a lot of fat interferes with the body's ability to absorb thyroid medication.
  • Foods high in calcium: It is recommended to eat calcium-rich foods at least 3 hours after taking thyroid medication.
  • Fiber-rich foods: A diet heavy in fibre can interfere with the body's capacity to absorb thyroid medication.
  • Goitrogenic foods: Broccoli and peanuts are two examples of foods that may offset the effects of thyroid medications.

When should I go to the doctor?

Thyroid pills may sometimes cause serious side effects, which necessitate a visit to the doctor. These signs consist of:

  • experiencing shortness of breath or chest pain.
  • the feet or legs swelling.
  • gaining excess weight
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat .
  • Feeling very tired.

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