Treatment of cracked toes in children

Does your child have dry or chapped skin between their toes and on their feet? Have you ever heard of the treatments for children's cracked toes? Read on to give you more details on this topic.

Treatment of cracked toes in children

Dry skin can cause cracks on the hands or feet of some children, but cracks between the toes and on the feet are more frequently caused by wearing wet or sweaty socks or by exposing the area to a lot of water.

Therefore, some parents are curious about how to treat children's cracked toes. Do you have any advice for caring for children's feet? We will provide you with everything you are looking for on this topic in the following article:

Treatment of cracked toes in children

We provide you with some treatments for cracked feet in kids because most heal within a week of treatment:

1. Liquid skin bandage

A liquid skin bandage, which is a plastic skin bandage that is liquid at room temperature and relieves pain, may be prescribed by the doctor if the cracks between the toes are deep to hasten the healing process.

To prevent any side effects, you must follow the doctor's recommendations for how to use the medication.

2. Antibiotic ointments

If the cracks are mild, a topical antibiotic ointment is frequently applied. The most notable example is Polysporin ointment, which is applied to the cracks three times daily.

After applying the ointment, it is suggested that you cover the cracks with a fresh bandage or pair of socks to hasten the healing process.

3. Antifungal ointment

The doctor may prescribe an antifungal cream to improve the symptoms within a few days when cracked toes are caused by an infection that affects the foot and causes athlete's foot, but it is frequently continued for at least a month to completely get rid of the infection.

4. The cream contains urea

A cream containing urea can be used to soften dry skin, and it is advised to use it after bathing and before bedtime as cracked toes in children may be caused by plantar dermatitis.

5. Other ointments

It is common for the doctor to recommend other ointments to treat cracked toes if they are caused by a skin problem. For the treatment of children's cracked and dry skin, he might suggest Tacrolimus or a topical steroid.

Tips for treating cracked toes in children

A crucial component of the child's care and safety is follow-up and care. Learn in the following paragraph some important tips when treating cracked toes in children, including the following:

  • To hasten the healing process, it is advised to avoid exposing cracked toes to air and dryness. Vaseline should instead be applied three times daily.
  • While making sure he wears cosy, appropriate shoes that allow the skin to breathe, it is preferable to change the child's socks when they become wet or sweaty.
  • To prevent cracks and other skin issues, it is important to wash and thoroughly dry the feet each day, paying particular attention to the area in between the toes.
  • It is advised to use warm water for the child because hot swimming pools cause dry skin, which causes cracks.
  • When taking a shower, avoid using soap. Because it removes the natural oils from the skin and exacerbates the cracks, taking care to use a moisturizing cream on the feet.

When should I get a doctor's consultation immediately?

Other symptoms that necessitate a trip to the doctor along with cracked toes include:

  • Fever.
  • itching
  • Bleeding at the crack site.
  • Pus at the crack site.
  • Cracked skin does not heal.
  • Walking is made challenging by foot cracks.
  • increased redness, swelling, or pain

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