Treatment of pregnancy costs in the neck and important tips for you

Are you expecting and dealing with melasma? So, follow the article to learn about the most prominent methods of treating pregnancy melasma in the neck and in any other area of ​​the body.

Treatment of pregnancy costs in the neck and important tips for you

Melasma is a defect in the pigment cells present in the skin, which results in a change in the color of the skin to dark in some areas, and this condition abounds in the neck area during pregnancy, and for this reason the article was devoted to mentioning the methods of treating pregnancy melasma in the neck at home and medically:

Home treatment of pregnancy melasma in the neck

Here are the most prominent ways to treat pregnancy melasma in the neck at home, but it should be noted that these methods may not be effective for everyone:

  • application of aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a plant whose gel is well-known for its benefits to the skin and for balancing its colour. It may have a role in treating melasma by being applied in the manner described below:

  1. Distribute aloe vera gel on the neck that suffers from melasma before going to sleep.
  2. Wash the neck early in the morning and repeat the recipe daily.
  • Green tea application

Due to its high antioxidant content, green tea is a beneficial treatment for various skin issues. It is applied in the treatment of melasma as follows:

  1. Steep a green tea bag in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Take the bag out of the water and leave it aside to cool.
  3. Rub a green tea bag on your melasma.
  4. Repeat the recipe twice a day until you get the desired results.
  • Treatment options for pregnancy-related melasma in the neck in other homes

These techniques involved using one of the following:

  1. black tea.
  2. the milk.
  3. licorice _

Medical treatment of melasma in the neck

Since the majority of pregnant women's melasma disappears after giving birth, medical treatment of pregnancy-related melasma in the neck is not advised until after childbirth and the survival of this melasma.

According to a survey done on 6897 women, the following will list the most popular medical treatments for melasma in the neck:

1. Hydroquinone monotherapy cream

The triple compound cream consisting of hydroquinone, tretinoin, and corticosteroid, as well as monohydroquinone cream, are considered more effective in treating melasma within what was mentioned in the study. Melasma is treated with one of these lotions as often as the doctor recommends.

2. Chemical peels

When doing a chemical peel, acids are used to penetrate the skin's layers and bring about changes that can treat various skin issues, such as melasma.

According to the degree of the melasma in the neck, the specialist chooses which of the three types of chemical peels—superficial, medium, and deep—is best for therapy.

3. Laser therapy

Melasma is one of several skin conditions that may be treated using laser technology, and this method showed that while it is effective in treating the condition, it is not as effective as triple cream.

4. Take oral tranexamic acid

More research is required to fully understand the impact of this acid, an oral medicine that has been discovered to be effective for treating melasma.

5. Using alternative medical techniques to treat neck melasma

It consisted of the following:

  • Micro-needling: This process causes minute rips in the skin, and as those tears mend, the skin usually returns to the colour it had before developing melasma.
  • In order to perform the plasma injection process, a quantity of blood must be placed in a machine that separates the various blood components. The plasma component is taken and re-injected into the skin in places of melasma.

Important tips during the treatment of pregnancy melasma in the neck

To ensure that the intended effects of the treatment materialise, all melasma treatment techniques must be accompanied by the following instructions:

1. Use sunblock to protect your skin.

Applying the following advice will help you limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible:

  • Unless absolutely necessary, avoid going outside in the noontime sun; in that event, you must walk in the shade.
  • Wear clothing that covers as much of the body as you can, especially the neck and other areas prone to melasma.
  • Use sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30.

2. Avoid using some home cures

There are a group of home remedies that are rumored to be good for treating melasma on the neck or anywhere else, including:

  • Lemonade.
  • Apple cider vinegar .
  • raw onions.
  • the Garlic.

All of these therapies are ineffective for treating melasma since they could make the condition worse by making the affected areas darker.

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