What is the fate of electronic clinics after the Corona pandemic?

Online clinics spread widely during the Corona virus period, but what will happen to these clinics after the disappearance of this virus? Here are some specifics.

What is the fate of electronic clinics after the Corona pandemic?

Electronic clinics (E-Clinics) were popularised during the emerging Corona virus pandemic, particularly to achieve the social divergence rules that ensure protection from the virus's transmission within the community. These clinics were successful in providing medical care to numerous groups remotely, but what will happen to them after the Corona virus pandemic?

What is the fate of electronic clinics after the Corona pandemic?

Many doctors and people are wondering about the fate of electronic clinics after the Corona pandemic? The following studies can help to clarify the response:

1. The first study

The goal of this study was to better understand the connection between the development of electronic clinics and what will happen to them in the future.

This study demonstrated that this was not the first occasion that doctors were compelled to open up remote clinics for the delivery of healthcare, demonstrating that remote clinics had previously been opened up before and during the spread of several epidemic cases.

As the study demonstrates, these clinics were established and kept running long after the pandemic was over because of their enormous value in efficiently serving a wide range of patients.

The study confirms that the establishment of electronic clinics during the pandemic using cutting-edge technology helped educate doctors and the community about the importance of having these clinics in a way that ensures their continued success even after the pandemic has ended. The electronic clinics have greatly contributed to reducing the chance of infection with the emerging corona virus during the pandemic and providing high-quality services.

2. The second study

Another study looked at the key advantages of electronic clinics for shielding a significant population from exposure to the newly emerging coronavirus.

The study also demonstrated how these clinics would eventually develop to offer top-notch services to all parties.

The study emphasises the need to educate all medical personnel and members of society about the significance of this type of clinic even after the novel coronavirus pandemic is over, as well as the necessity of conducting studies that demonstrate the advantages of technology in developing this type of clinic and its significant impact on the development and improvement of medical care.

Statistics that help predict the fate of electronic clinics after the Corona pandemic

According to the following statistics, people are more inclined to visit online clinics now than they were before the emerging Corona virus pandemic started:

  1. Statistics in one of the electronic clinics in the state of California (Palo Alto, Calif. -based Stanford Healthcare) proved that approximately 75% of the people who used audio and video technology within the electronic clinics were highly appreciated, confirming their continuity to review the electronic clinic in the future and preferring it over the clinic the Actual. 
  2. Statistically proven that the percentage of visitors to the Stanford Health Care electronic clinic in California was approximately 95% of the psychological department, 89% of the endocrinology department, 78% of the infectious diseases department, and 74% of patients suffering from pain. In the period between September 2020 - March 2021. 
  3. The Cleveland Clinic reports that 20%-40% of patients will likely continue to see online clinics after the pandemic ends. 
  4. A questionnaire was conducted by 1594 doctors in electronic clinics between July and August 2020, through which it was found that 73% of the clinic’s electronic reviews in general were continuity, and this includes 64% of the chronic diseases department’s patients, and 60% of the chronic diseases department. Medicare, and 53% in preventive care.


Many doctors are concerned about what will happen to electronic clinics once the emerging Corona virus pandemic is over, but all studies and statistics show the opposite, in large part due to the success this type of clinic has had in numerous nations around the world.

Do you still have any reservations about opening an online clinic? Do not hesitate to contact the Web Medicine Pro team to  answer any inquiries or questions regarding the establishment of your online clinic.

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