What is the truth about cinnamon damage to the colon? Here's the answer

Cinnamon is one of the spices commonly used due to its various benefits, but what is the truth about cinnamon damage to the colon? In this article, we will learn more about this.

What is the truth about cinnamon damage to the colon?  Here's the answer

In addition to cinnamon's unique flavour and delicious taste, including it in your diet may also be good for your health. But what restrictions come with using it? Does cinnamon actually harm the colon?

What is the truth about cinnamon damage to the colon?

There are no studies that demonstrate cinnamon's negative effects on the colon. On the contrary, there are researches and studies that show the benefits of cinnamon for the colon in particular, in addition to its other health benefits, knowing that the use of large amounts of cinnamon may cause some side effects on the body in general and not on the colon specifically.

Other cinnamon damage

There are some negative side effects of cinnamon on the body generally, despite the fact that there is no evidence to suggest that it is bad for the colon.

The following are a few of cinnamon's negative effects:

  • Irritability and sensitivity

Regular cinnamon use may irritate the mouth, lips, and lead to ulcers.

  • Low blood sugar

Pay close attention when taking cinnamon supplements consistently, especially if you have diabetes because cinnamon's ability to lower blood sugar levels may result in a decline in diabetes.

  • Drug therapies and their interactions

Before beginning to take cinnamon supplements, if you are committed to taking a specific medication on a regular basis, speak with your doctor because some medications, including antibiotics, heart medications, blood thinners, and diabetes medications, may be affected.

  • During pregnancy and lactation, avoid using.

Children and women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should avoid using cinnamon as a remedy because there is no proof of its safety.

  • poisoning

Coumarin, which is one of the ingredients found in some types of cinnamon, is toxic to the liver if consumed in large quantities, so it is recommended to avoid cinnamon for patients with liver disorders . [4] [5]

The benefits of cinnamon for the colon

Cinnamon is an effective spice in treating digestive system problems, especially those related to the colon, as it reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by enhancing digestion, relieving flatulence and pain, and reducing diarrhea . Cinnamon aids in the reduction of belly fat.

Studies on the benefits of cinnamon for the colon and digestive system

We mention the following studies that support the benefits of cinnamon for the colon after concluding that there were no studies demonstrating the harm of cinnamon to the colon:

  • The capability of cinnamon to lessen colon cancer

According to studies, cinnamon's cinnamaldehyde compound is a powerful colorectal cancer inhibitor.

In a study using mice, it was discovered that detoxification and cellular repair gave mice cells the capacity to defend themselves against exposure to carcinogens.

  • The ability of cinnamon to lessen colitis

A study found that cinnamon lessens colitis as well as intestinal fibrosis, which can affect the digestive system, by reducing inflammation of intestinal fibrous cells.

  • How cinnamon and H. pylori are related

It has been established that eliminating H. pylori reduces the severity of some digestive system diseases, including gastritis, duodenal ulcers, and infectious lymphoma, and prevents relapses.

Accordingly, a study was carried out on a group of patients who had H. pylori infection, and it was noted in this study that using cinnamon as a single agent and at low concentrations is not effective in getting rid of H. pylori. However, using cinnamon in combination with other antimicrobials does.

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