What medical care services does telemedicine provide?

What does telemedicine provide and what medical care services does it provide? Study more about it here.

What medical care services does telemedicine provide?

Technology has changed the ways people communicate with one another from how they did in the past, but what about healthcare?

One of the more recent developments in medical care delivery is Telemedicine, which first gained popularity when the Corona virus epidemic began to spread.

What medical care services does telemedicine provide?

Telemedicine appeared as one of the modern forms of communication between the doctor and the patient, and it is considered one of the things that complement the medical services that are provided in the actual clinics, so what are the medical care services provided by the telemedicine ? The most significant ones are listed below:

  • Make online doctor's appointments

Nowadays, a lot of clinics offer telemedicine, which enables the patient to speak with the doctor over the phone or via video call, especially when getting to the clinic to meet the doctor is challenging.

A telemedicine solution offered by Webteb Pro enables the doctor and patient to converse using cutting-edge technology in a very professional manner.

  • remote diagnosis

By interrogating the patient about his health, reading the findings of the analyses, and learning about his medical history, the doctor can diagnose the patient's condition remotely.

In addition to connecting this clinic with laboratories so that patient analyses can be received, WebTeb Pro offers a telemedicine service through which complete patient data may be accessed.

  • the attending physician of the patient's choosing

The treating physician might be chosen by the patient based on his or her rank or area of expertise, such as specialist or consultant physician.

In order to increase the services offered to patients receiving telemedicine, WebTeb Pro enables doctors to speak with one another. This helps to give comprehensive and extensive services to both patients and doctors.

  • Utilize any of the gadgets to place calls.

Patients can receive audio and video call services through telemedicine utilising any device, including PCs, mobile phones, or tablets.

  • Initial assessment of the patient's health

As the doctor determines via a voice or video call whether the patient needs to attend the clinic or emergency room promptly, telemedicine aids in the first assessment of the patient's condition, especially when there are no open appointments inside the clinic.

  • Provide psychological support

Telemedicine facilitates the provision of psychological support, particularly for those with chronic illnesses, those who adhere to a weight-loss programme, and those who are on diets.

Additionally, using remote calls makes it easier for the patient and doctor to communicate and lessens the frequency with which the patient must visit the real clinic while still obtaining the necessary psychological support.

  • Talk to patients who have trouble getting in touch with clinics

Telemedicine helps doctors communicate with patients who reside in isolated areas and find it challenging to go to physical clinics to see them. This service also helps in communicating with patients whose health conditions prevent their movement in order to reach the clinics.

  • Examine the patient's state following treatment.

Particularly for those with chronic illnesses, telemedicine makes it simpler for the patient to see a doctor following treatment without having to travel to the clinic.

WebTebPro makes it very simple and straightforward to plan a timetable for the doctor to review the patient after the treatment period.

  • people regarding a variety of ailments

Since many patients were unable to access clinics during the new coronavirus pandemic due to the concepts and regulations of social distance, telemedicine assisted in educating patients about a variety of illnesses.


The concept of telemedicine was developed in the past and is now being strengthened as a result of the Corona virus epidemic, to considerably aid in the facilitation of medical consultations and healthcare for patients as well as the doctor.

The team at Web Medicine Pro is prepared to offer all services and respond to all questions. For more information on telemedicine, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Web Medicine Pro team.

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