Where is vitamin B6 found?

What are the advantages of vitamin B6, one of the B complex vitamins? What is the suggested daily intake for it? Where can you find vitamin B6? The answers to these questions you will find in the following article.

Where is vitamin B6 found?

This page will provide information about vitamin B6's natural sources so that you can learn more about it and find out where it may be found. Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin.

Where is vitamin B6 found?

You can get vitamin B6 from many food sources, such as:

  • the milk

It is advised to consume a cup of milk every day or to add it to fortified morning cereals as goat's milk supplies 5% of the daily need for vitamin B6 while low-fat milk only gives 1%.

One of the B vitamins, vitamin B12, is also found in large quantities in milk.

  • Ricotta cheese

There is vitamin B6 in the whey in cheese, so the higher the amount of whey in the cheese, the higher the amount of vitamin B6. Since whey is used to make ricotta cheese, it provides a source of vitamin B6.

  • salmon

In addition to being a fantastic source of protein and other minerals, salmon has a high amount of vitamin B6 in it, at 0.6 milligrammes per 93 grammes.

One of the types of fish that can be prepared in a variety of ways include grilling, frying, and baking.

  • Tuna

Since tuna includes exceptionally high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B6 (0.9 milligrammes of vitamin B6 are present in every 93 grammes of tuna), it is an essential component of the diet.

  • eggs

The recommended daily intake of vitamin B6 is provided by two eggs, which also include protein and other minerals.

It can make a delicious breakfast, lunch, or simple dinner.

  • Chicken liver

Due to its excellent protein, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin A content, this dish is very nutrient-dense.

  • beef

0.3 milligrammes of vitamin B6 are present in every 93 grammes of ground, grilled, and low-fat beef, which is 18% of the daily requirement.

Additionally, it offers a lot of protein and other nutrients.

  • Other sources

And to complement the answer to the question, "Where is vitamin B6 found?" The following sources contain it:

  1. chicken.
  2. Breakfast Cereal.
  3. chickpeas.
  4. avocado.
  5. Some types of vegetables, such as: dark leafy vegetables, potatoes, starchy vegetables, carrots, green peas,
  6. Some types of fruits, such as: bananas, papayas, oranges, and cantaloupe.

Vitamin B6 content in foods

We clarified the location of vitamin B6 after answering the query. We will now provide the vitamin B6 content of certain meals in the following table:

Vitamin B6 content (milligrams)
Percentage of daily requirement
canned chickpeas
1 cup
bovine liver
93 gr
chicken breast
93 gr
1 cup
Medium sized bean
ground bulgur
1 cup
White Rice
1 cup
Half a cup

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