Causes of blue lips: Multiple reasons

The most common causes of blue lips and the most crucial advice to follow in each situation are described in this article. Blue lips can occur for a variety of reasons.

Causes of blue lips: Multiple reasons

Blue lips result from many reasons, including: lack or drop in the level of oxygen in the blood, and exposure to extreme cold. In the following article, you can find out more about the reasons why people get blue lips and how to treat them:

Causes of blue lips: related to the respiratory system

The following are the main respiratory-related causes of blue lips and remedies for them:


When exposed to a stimulus, such as air pollution or allergens, people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may experience bluish lips. This triggers a patient attack that results in bluish lips and chest pain.

The patient needs to see the doctor right away if these symptoms appear.

2. Acute asthma attack

Blue lips are one of the signs of an acute asthma attack, which can happen when someone is exposed to a stimulus like pollen, cat dander, cigarette smoke, or other stimuli.

In addition to these signs of an asthma attack,

  • Rapid breathing and chest contraction.
  • The stomach and ribs move quickly.
  • Babies not knowing their parents.

When exposed, you need to use an inhaler right away or make an immediate trip to the doctor.

3. Acute respiratory distress syndrome 

Acute respiratory distress syndrome causes a severe lack of oxygen due to fluid entering the lungs, which leads to bluish lips. Acute respiratory distress syndrome also includes the following additional signs and symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath.
  • fast heartbeat
  • Blue lips and nails.

In this situation, the doctor might suggest using diuretics and ventilators to prevent fluid buildup in the lungs.

4. Pneumothorax

The pneumothorax that results from air entering the space between the lung wall and the chest wall, also known as atelectasis, causes the symptoms listed below:

  • breathing difficulties.
  • blue lips
  • sadness.
  • fast heartbeat

A pneumothorax is categorised as an emergency medical condition, and it is treated with oxygen or, in some circumstances, by evacuating the air in the lung cavity.

5. Epilepsy

Blue lips can result from epilepsy seizures that prevent breathing. This decrease in blood oxygen levels is the result.

Epileptic seizures usually go away on their own, but occasionally it is wise to visit the emergency room in order to avoid choking and take the necessary safety measures.

Causes of blue lips: related to heart disease

If blue lips and skin are accompanied by other symptoms like numbness or pain, they may be signs of heart problems or blood vessel blockages.

Bluish lips may be a sign of a heart attack, congenital heart defect, or congestive heart failure, so you should seek medical attention right away.

Causes of blue lips: other reasons

Other causes of blue lips:

1. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Blood poisoning, which is brought on by breathing in a lot of carbon monoxide produced by combustion, results in irregular heartbeat, wooziness, and blue lips from a lack of oxygen in the blood.

When carbon monoxide poisoning or suffocation occur, artificial respirators may be used.

2. Other reasons

For instance, exposure to extremely cold temperatures or heights, poisoning, anaemia, smoking, and other causes.

Causes of blue lips in infants

One of the causes of infants' blue lips is:

  1. Deformation of the lungs or heart: It causes blue lips in infants, as the deformity obstructs the flow of blood circulation, i.e. reduces the passage of blood loaded with oxygen, which leads to a decrease in normal oxygen levels in the blood, leading to blue lips in infants.
  2. Exposure to acute environmental pollution: such as inhaling smoke from house fires or inhaling carbon monoxide, which leads to carbon monoxide poisoning, as these factors reduce the oxygen level in the blood, which leads to blue lips in infants.
  3.  Suffocation : suffocation , which occurs in the presence of a foreign body, blocks the airway, which leads to preventing the passage of oxygen and its access to various parts of the body's cells, causing blue lips in infants.
  4. Lung diseases:  such as asthma, pneumonia, in addition to infections of the bronchi or bronchi, which reduce the efficiency of the lungs and their ability to deliver oxygen to the cells, which leads to blue lips in infants.

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