Causes of breast enlargement in male children

Outward appearance is one of the most important things that attract male attention, so is their breast enlargement a disturbing matter? Find out more in this article about the leading causes and treatments for breast enlargement in young males.

Causes of breast enlargement in male children

Often an enlargement of the mammary glands is observed in males, or what is called gynecomastia, which may be in one or both breasts together, which causes embarrassment and psychological problems for males, although it is not a serious problem. The main causes and symptoms of breast enlargement in young males are listed below.

Causes of breast enlargement in male children

Male breast enlargement is caused by a variety of factors, the most significant of which are:

  • changes in hormones

One of the major contributing factors to breast development in young male boys is hormonal changes. Our bodies are heavily reliant on hormones, as testosterone is the hormone that causes the development of the beard and chest hair in men. On the female level, estrogen controls female characteristics such as breast growth.

In males, testosterone levels are higher than oestrogen levels. If an imbalance occurs in the balanced proportions of hormones in the body, this may lead to breast enlargement in males.

  • age of the child

The phenomenon of breast enlargement in males varies according to their age, as newborn infants are born with enlarged breasts, due to the high level of estrogen in their mothers. Usually, this enlargement goes away in two to three weeks.

The most common time for male breast enlargement is during puberty due to hormonal changes, and inflation, also known as gynecomastia, frequently goes away within a time frame of six months to two years.

  • Some nutritional problems

Malnutrition and starvation are two possible nutritional factors that may have an impact on the size of the breasts in male children. These conditions cause an imbalance in the level of testosterone, which starts to decline as the body's oestrogen levels remain stable, speeding up the growth of the breasts in male children.

  • Medicines and herbs 

Because they address a hormonal imbalance in the body, medications like antibiotics and other drugs as well as herbs like tea tree may be connected to enlarged breasts in males.

  • overweight

Weight gain is associated with an increase in the female hormone estrogen, which in turn is responsible for controlling breast size and growth. Therefore, male breast enlargement as a result of weight gain.

  • Some health problems 

Men with certain illnesses, such as hyperthyroidism, chronic liver disease, and kidney failure, may experience enlarged breasts.

Symptoms of breast enlargement in male children 

Here are the key signs that a child experiences when breast enlargement occurs, after learning about the causes of breast enlargement in male children.

  • Swelling in one or both breasts.
  • Sometimes touching the breast can be painful.

Treatment of breast enlargement in male children

After consulting with the appropriate doctor, the following advice can help reduce the phenomenon of breast enlargement in male children, which frequently goes away on its own over time:

  1. Apply cold compresses to swollen breasts and places of pain.
  2. Stop taking any medications that may increase breast enlargement or any drugs that cause hormonal imbalance.
  3. Pay attention to your child's nutrition and make sure that it is properly fed .
  4. If there are any health problems, hurry up to see a doctor to determine the extent of the problem and prevent its development.
  5. Surgery, which is one of the last solutions that can be resorted to, as the aim behind its use is to alleviate the psychological complications resulting from breast enlargement in male children and to restore the natural appearance of the breast so as not to feel embarrassed or disturbed.

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