Centella herb benefits for skin

Recently, the use of Centella herb in cosmetics and skin care products has increased. What advantages does the herb Centella have for the skin? Are there health benefits to using it?

Centella herb benefits for skin

Centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola, is a medicinal herb that has been used in South and East Asian nations for thousands of years. It is currently one of the most popular ingredients in the production of numerous skin care products. What advantages does the herb Centella have for the skin?

Centella herb benefits for skin

Its use is advised, especially for sensitive and irritated skin, because the Centella herb contains a number of useful compounds, such as Asiaticoside and Madecassoside, which are distinguished by their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The Centella herb has many properties that made it one of the desired ingredients in cosmetics.

The following are the key advantages of Centella herb for the skin:

1. Reducing inflammation of the skin

Since some skin types are more sensitive than others to sensitivity and inflammation from various factors, such as skin suffering from eczema, centella herb is notable for its role in reducing skin inflammation and irritation.

The herb centella plays a role in lessening the severity of inflammation by preventing the action of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators in the body. This alleviates dermatitis symptoms like itching and redness.

2. High skin hydration

Excellent skin hydration is one of the benefits of centella herb, especially when combined with other ingredients that are known to be very moisturising, like hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

As a result of its abundance in asiaticoside compounds, it may also play a role in stimulating the skin's production of collagen, preserving skin hydration and minimising the visibility of superficial wrinkles.

3. Stimulate wound healing

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties brought on by microbes, the herb centella plays a part in reducing skin inflammation brought on by wounds or burns.

Additionally, the Centella herb plays a role in slowing the appearance of scars caused by it by promoting the production of collagen and blood capillaries, which allows for accelerating wound healing and inhibiting the inflammatory process that causes the formation of noticeable scars.

Centella health benefits

The centella herb was used in folk medicine in many Asian civilizations in addition to its advantages for the skin in promoting the healing of wounds and burns and treating skin infections.

It is currently used as a food supplement to help treat many conditions, the most prevalent of which are the following. However, there are not enough studies to prove these advantages.

  • enhancing mental health and memory, particularly in people with Alzheimer's disease.
  • Along with preventing the development of varicose veins and their accompanying symptoms, this compound may also play a role in maintaining the health of blood vessels, particularly in cases of poor ischemia brought on by diabetes.
  • the potential to reduce tension and anxiety while promoting relaxation

Centella side effects

Despite the potential health benefits, some people may experience a number of negative effects from ingesting supplements or products based on centella, such as:

  • Feeling dizzy or drowsy.
  • Sensitivity to Centella herb causes skin irritation.
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • headache.

It should be noted that it may interact negatively with a variety of drugs, including sedatives, some analgesics like paracetamol, drugs for treating sebum, some antibiotics like erythromycin, and some drugs for treating high blood pressure like methyldopa.

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