Damage to green onions: get to know them

Green onions are vegetables and appetizers that are popular with many people, but what is the harm of green onions? We will talk about this in the next article.

Damage to green onions: get to know them

Firstly, the common names for green onions in English vary depending on the stage of maturity reached by the plant. The more mature green onion, which has a larger white bulb at its lower end, is known as the common green onion, while the younger, more tender green onion is called Scallions.

But are green onions harmful? Let us learn about the possible harms of green onions in the following lines:

Green onion damage

For some people, using green onions can result in the development of health issues. Here is a list of the most significant ones:

1. Stimulating hepatitis

Green onions may stimulate hepatitis, which has been linked to several fatal liver infections, and there have also been reports of deaths in people who consumed contaminated green onions.

Even though eating contaminated green onions can cause this kind of damage to green onions, it does happen occasionally.

2. Violating the effect of blood thinners 

Green onions contain vitamin K, and taking this type of vitamin along with blood thinners may lessen their effects, which may increase the risk of health complications, some of which are severe and dangerous, such as:

  • brain attack.
  • Heart attack .
  • blood clots

3. Allergic reactions

Rarely, using green onions can result in an allergic reaction in the body. Here is a list of the most prominent symptoms expected to appear as an allergic reaction to green onions:

  • itchy eyes
  • Skin irritation, itchy skin. 
  • Runny nose.
  • apnea 

Given that green onions are one of the types of onions in general, people who are allergic to regular onions may also be prone to this type of allergy.

4. Health problems in the digestive system

Among the possible harms of green onions is that eating them in excess may stimulate the emergence of several problems in the digestive system, which are as follows:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders, such as heartburn or acid reflux.
  • Various digestive disorders, such as: vomiting, nausea, and flatulence.
  • Exacerbation of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

5. Negative drug interactions

The use of green onions with other kinds of medications can also result in certain physical complications, such as:

  • When taken with diabetes medications, green onion supplements can result in dangerously low blood sugar levels.
  • Some people's sensitivity to green onions may increase when taking aspirin and green onions.

6. Other green onion damage 

Green onions may also cause other health complications, such as:

  • Possible complications when eating green onions in conjunction with honey. 
  • Cutting green onions causes the eyes to begin to tear up.
  • Possible side effects for women who are pregnant or nursing when taking supplements or therapeutic doses of green onions.

Important tips to avoid green onion damage

The following recommendations should be followed to minimise your exposure to potential green onion damage:

  • Only consume green onions in moderation. 
  • Green onions should always be cleaned and washed before using them in any recipes.
  • Avoid eating green onions in conjunction with the following medications and foods: blood thinners, honey, diabetes medications , and aspirin.
  • People who are allergic to green onions should try to avoid handling them or cook the onions before eating them to lessen the likelihood that they will experience an allergic reaction.
  • If any odd reactions occur after using green onions, it is necessary to stop using them and see a doctor.
  • Avoid taking green onion supplements or medicinal doses unless you have spoken to a doctor, especially if you are a member of a certain population like a breastfeeding mother or a pregnant woman.

Benefits of green onions 

Here is a list of the top health benefits that green onions may have, excluding any potential negative effects:

  • Lower levels of bad cholesterol, moderate blood pressure, and a lower risk of heart disease.
  • Green onions' natural makeup may help to slow the growth and spread of stomach cancer by promoting resistance to some cancers.
  • regulating the digestive system's mechanism and reducing issues like indigestion and constipation that may have an impact on the digestive system.
  • Resistance to specific types of bacteria and fungi, particularly Escherichia coli.
  • increasing satiety for a longer time, which could aid in weight loss by a few extra pounds.
  • Other advantages include improving bones and joints, boosting immunity, reducing muscle spasms, and fending off UTIs.

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