Do neck problems affect the eye

You might be wondering if neck issues have an impact on the eyes. What's the rationale behind that? Answers and more details we will provide in this article.

Do neck problems affect the eye

Maybe you've experienced upper back and neck pain along with fatigue and eye pain, and you're wondering if neck issues can cause eye problems. The following sentences provide the solution:

Do neck problems affect the eye?

Before addressing the query "Do neck issues have an impact on the eyes?" It must be noted that up to 70% of people suffer from neck pain that affects daily activities, which may cause pain in other parts of the body.

The answer to the question, "Do neck problems affect the eyes?" is now the topic for discussion. And yes, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders may cause eye strain, as tight and stiff muscles may press on the eye nerves at the back of the neck, and this is what causes pain and strain in the eyes as one of the complications resulting from neck pain.

This was shown by a study conducted on a group of children and adolescents under the age of 18 who suffer from non-specific neck pain, as it was found that 21% of them suffer from eye-related complications, and the study also showed that neck pain in general causes physical, developmental, psychological and social complications. .

The inverse is also accurate. Tension in the upper back, shoulders, and neck muscles can result from common visual disorders, such as binocular vision dysfunction.

How neck problems affect the eye?

As a side effect of having health issues in one area of the body, pain may spread to other areas. For example, muscle tension in the neck and back may indirectly cause eye pain because it may cause tension in the Occipital region of the back of the skull, which may result in a headache that affects the region around the eye.

Since the brain controls the senses by sending commands through the nervous system and the optic nerve is responsible for transmitting signals from the brain to the retina of the eyes, muscle tension in the neck may also put pressure on the nerves responsible for the eyes and cause issues. This is because muscle tension in the upper back, shoulders, and neck restricts blood flow to the eyes and places pressure on the nerve, which results in eye-retinal problems.

Last but not least, it should be noted that the presence of a complaint involving the neck or the upper back and the eye may signify the use of practises and habits that cause pain, stress, and discomfort in all the areas mentioned, such as spending extended periods of time using a computer.

Symptoms of neck and eye problems

You may experience the following eye symptoms and signs as a result of neck pain and other issues:

  1. Nausea or vomiting.
  2. Migraine .
  3. Blurred vision.
  4. Lack of focus.
  5. Pulsating pain around the eye

Tips for preventing neck problems

Neck pain and associated complications, most notably those related to the eyes, can be alleviated by following the following tips:

  • When using screens or when working at a computer, take frequent breaks.
  • Use a suitable pillow when sleeping.
  • The muscles and ligaments that support the neck may become stressed in improper sitting positions, which could lead to neck pain and its associated complications.
  • To maintain a healthy spine, try to sleep as much as possible on your back.
  • To keep your neck muscles strong, perform neck extension exercises.
  • To keep the discs between the cervical vertebrae hydrated, fed, and strong, drink plenty of water.
  • When carrying bags, evenly distribute the weight on the back and shoulders rather than putting it all on one side.

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