Emergency healthcare in telemedicine

Is telemedicine a viable option for emergency care? Let's find out the answer through this article:

Emergency healthcare in telemedicine

The term telemedicine has spread at the present time, which includes the provision of various medical services remotely and with the latest modern technology, what about emergency health care in telemedicine? How do you submit it?

Emergency healthcare in telemedicine

With the ability to schedule appointments in advance, telehealth relies on doctor-patient communication via video and photo calls.

But what about telemedicine's emergency care? That seems possible. How could it be delivered? Here are the most important points related to that:

  • Screening using video calls

Through telemedicine services, patients with urgent conditions who live too far away for an ambulance to arrive in time can make video calls to their doctors.

Video calls for patients in emergency situations are crucial because the doctor can give the patient several tips until the ambulance arrives, determine whether the situation is urgent, or advise the patient to wait until the medical team gets to their home.

Many patients who have been infected with the newly emerging corona virus in the recent health crisis have benefited from the emergency calls that can be made via telemedicine services, as doctors have assisted these patients to explain to them how to adhere to home care, make fumigations inside the home, take medications, and prevent infection from spreading to others who live in the same house.

YourDoctorTips Pro offers an emergency call service with the doctor, allowing the patient to speak with the doctor or a member of the medical staff present inside the clinic without scheduling an appointment and waiting.

  • Communication with isolated patients

People who are isolated due to their infection with infectious diseases that call for isolation, such as infection with the newly emerging corona virus, must receive emergency medical care immediately.

Patients who are isolated need to communicate immediately in order to avoid complications and to find out whether those complications are minor and can be treated at home or are serious and need medical attention.

For those who live alone in isolated areas without anyone to help them, Web Medicine Pro offers an emergency communication service.

  • Initial examination of patients

Since not all patients' cases necessitate access to the emergency department for viewing, this can be accomplished through video calls, emergency health care in telemedicine helps to see the patient's initial condition.

The initial examination of patients was successful during the coronavirus pandemic, as the overcrowding of hospitals with emergency cases who were infected confirmed the need for remote and home examinations of patients who had other symptoms in order to prevent them from becoming infected and spreading the infection to others.

  • The patient is seen by medical personnel inside his home.

The visit of a medical team inside the patient's home is one of the emergency care services offered by telemedicine, and it is crucial for patients who live in remote locations, immunocompromised patients whose exit from the home poses a risk to their health, elderly patients, and patients with other medical conditions.

The decision to send a medical team to the patient's home or not is made after the doctor evaluates the patient's condition over the phone, which helped patients stay indoors and restrain the spread of the new Corona virus during the recent pandemic.

According to the patient's condition, YourDoctorTips Pro offers the service of sending a multidisciplinary medical team to the patient's home for an examination, examination, and proper treatment.

  • Delivery of medicines to the patient's home

One of the telemedicine services is to deliver the required medications to the patient's home so that he can receive care, particularly in medical emergencies that result in the emergency department being overrun with patients.


Many people ponder whether telemedicine can be used to deliver emergency medical services. Yes, healthcare services can be provided remotely and efficiently, ensuring the protection of patients with emergency cases and reducing the overcrowding of the emergency department with many patients.

If you have any inquiries about receiving emergency care via telemedicine, get in touch with the YourDoctorTipsPro team.

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