First postpartum relationship: What you need to know

As many women may have fear and anxiety about this matter specifically after childbirth, whether from a psychological or physical side, many of them may wonder about the first relationship after giving birth.

First postpartum relationship: What you need to know

One of the most important questions that may arise in the minds of many couples is when can the first relationship be after childbirth ? Are there any emotional or physical apprehensions about having sex during this time?

The following lines contain numerous additional queries and responses:

First postpartum relationship: when is it?

It has been discovered through scientific research and some experiments that the first relationship after marriage can begin at least eight to twelve weeks after the birth of the child.

The majority of the time, their sexual activity starts 12 weeks after birth, and they engage in it as frequently as they did before giving birth.

This is because having sex during the first two weeks after giving birth carries the risk of some complications, so it's important to give the body enough time to rest and recover quickly.

There are numerous other factors that can contribute to postponing sex, such as postpartum discharge and vaginal tears that result in exhaustion, dry vagina, and a decreased libido.

What are the most important concerns at the first postpartum relationship?

The following are the most crucial pointers that will help you get through this stage easily and worry-free because there are many fears that couples have when beginning their first relationship after childbirth:

1. Emotional changes

You need to understand that having sex after giving birth won't be the same as having sex before because of the numerous changes the body has undergone. Whether these changes are hormonal or otherwise, they all have an impact on your sexual relationship.

You must therefore be conscious of this and not worry about it. All you have to do here is prepare mentally, as sexual intercourse is one of the main and important aspects of the life of couples in general.

Additionally, you must be ready to deal with postpartum depression. To get the help you need during this time, you should consult a doctor as soon as you notice any of the following symptoms of anxiety or depression on yourself:

  • Loss of appetite .
  • Sharp mood swings.
  • Annoying fatigue and exhaustion.

2. Physical readiness

Due to health issues specifically related to the vaginal area, having sex after childbirth may cause some anxiety. As a result, it is important to be patient until the body has fully recovered and is prepared to have the first postpartum relationship without experiencing any health issues.

Since the body needs at least 4-6 weeks to fully recover from childbirth, as we previously mentioned, having sexual activity in the first few weeks after giving birth may increase your risk of developing some postpartum complications.

3. Hormonal changes

Due to the changes in hormone levels that happen specifically during the breastfeeding period, which results in a significant decrease in oestrogen levels, there is a high likelihood that you will experience some pain when engaging in your first relationship after giving birth.

This causes vaginal dryness, which in turn makes this area soft and easy to hurt during intimate relations with the husband. Specialized doctors may suggest using lubricants for ease and comfort.

4. Birth control

One of the most crucial issues that may be on many couples' minds when thinking about their first relationship after marriage is birth control. Although breastfeeding may provide a certain level of protection against pregnancy, this does not give you a guarantee that it will not occur at all.

Therefore, your doctor may advise using a non-progestin-only contraceptive or contraceptives like implants or a copper intrauterine device.

Health problems related to intercourse after childbirth

The following health issues are among the most prevalent ones that may be linked to the practise of dating for the first time after giving birth:

  • Thin vaginal tissue.
  • Vaginal dryness .
  • Perineal tear.
  • Bleeding
  • Fatigue and tiredness.
  • Decreased sexual desire.
  • Pelvic muscle weakness.

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