Gallbladder cleaning

What does it mean to clean the gallbladder since some people may resort to doing so to remove gallstones?

Gallbladder cleaning

The liver flush, also referred to as gallbladder detox, is an alternative medicine technique that promises to remove gallstones. It is what? How does one clean their gallbladder? All this and more we will learn about in this article:

Gallbladder cleaning

Gallbladder cleaning is one of the methods that claim to clean the body of gallbladder stones, and it is represented by eating a specific diet that helps to get rid of gallstones, and also reduces the risk of their formation.

A gallbladder cleaning diet is followed by consuming olive oil with some herbs and natural fruit juices, such as: apple juice, for a period of 2-5 days. Despite having laxative effects, there are no studies or researches that demonstrate the effectiveness of olive oil in preventing gallstone formation in the gallbladder.

While some people may notice lumps in their stools, these lumps typically do not contain the substances that make up gallstones, such as cholesterol or bilirubin; rather, these substances are produced as a result of eating foods like olive oil, juices, herbs, and other things that have been digested in the intestine.

Gallbladder cleaning side effects

The process of cleaning the gallbladder is not without side effects, and the side effects may vary depending on the type of herbs and natural juices that are used in addition to olive oil. One list of potential side effects is:

  • Diarrhea .
  • Feeling sick.
  • vomit
  • abdominal pain

Natural ways to get rid of gallstones

Although there aren't enough studies to conclusively prove the efficacy and safety of using natural methods to treat gallstones, these techniques do offer some potential advantages in removing gallbladder stones. Among these techniques, we'll mention the following:

1. Apple cider vinegar

One of the natural ways to remove gallstones is to combine the use of apple cider vinegar and apple juice. Apple cider vinegar and apple juice can soften gallbladder stones, making it easier for them to pass through the gallbladder, though there are no studies to back up the effectiveness of this method. the body.

2. Dandelion

Using dandelion roots to brew tea or coffee stimulates the gallbladder's bile secretion, which helps remove stones from the gallbladder and remove them from the body.

3. Sarmage (Lysimachiae) 

One herb that is used to prevent and treat gallstones made of cholesterol is sarmag.

Medical methods to get rid of gallstones

After learning about the procedure for cleaning the gallbladder and other natural ways to remove gallstones, we must determine some medical approaches that are effective for treating and removing gallstones. Among these medical approaches, we mention:

1. Medications

There are some medications used to treat gallstones, such as:

  • Ursodeoxycholic acid.
  • Chickpeas (Chenodeoxycholic acid).

Whereas these medications effectively remove gallstones, it can take a long time—up to two years—to remove all stones from the gallbladder, and there is a high risk of developing gallstones after stopping the medication.

2. Surgery

Surgery is the only way to permanently remove gallstones if they cannot be removed using the methods mentioned above; this procedure is known as a cholecystectomy.

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