Harmful effects of swallowing liquid soap for children

What risks do kids run when they consume liquid soap? What should I do if a child ingests liquid soap but everything seems okay? Find out the answers in the following article.

Harmful effects of swallowing liquid soap for children

The following article provides information on the risks associated with children ingesting liquid soap:

Harmful effects of swallowing liquid soap for children

There is always a chance that the soap could be harmful if a child ingests it, but most of the time the child is fine, especially if it is a small amount. It is always preferable to use soap that is recommended for children or organic soap that only contains safe ingredients that won't harm if swallowed because some soaps and shampoos are more dangerous than others when considering the ingredients they contain. The harms of swallowing liquid soap for children include the following:

1. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

According to a 2019 study, almost all soaps have a pH that is extremely alkaline, which means that ingesting them can have a negative impact on digestion and irritate the lining of the digestive tract.

Additionally, even though these ingredients are entirely natural, they are not food grade because commercially available soap typically contains acids like lauric acid or citric acid in addition to ingredients that are derived from plants, like essential oils and perfumes.

This means that ingesting soap can cause more than just a little discomfort. In addition to vomiting, your body might have trouble breaking down the soap, which could result in diarrhoea or even blood in your stool.

2. Inflammation in other parts of the body

Eating soap can cause your tongue, throat, and other parts of your body to swell, and this can be a temporary reaction to the harsh ingredients in the soap or a symptom of an allergy. Children's liquid soap for ingestion.

3. Liver damage

Toxins are filtered out of your bloodstream by the liver as part of its function to prevent organ damage. As eating a large amount of soap puts pressure on the liver; Because it works to get the inedible ingredients out of your body.

4. Increased risk of cancer

Some of the ingredients in soap are safe when used topically but are known to cause cancer when regularly consumed.

5. Other damages

Other harms of swallowing liquid soap for children include:

  • Burns in the food tract.
  • severe stomach pain;
  • Low blood pressure .

What should I do when a child swallows liquid soap?

After knowing the harms of swallowing liquid soap for children, it is important to call the emergency number in any case, even if the child appears to be fine, and does not show any symptoms, and the following are the most important tips:

  • not giving the child any liquids, as this causes the harmful substance to be broken down in the stomach and possibly causes a faster absorption into the body.
  • Keep the child from sleeping or lying down; doing so could result in more throat damage or an obstruction of the airway, and the fluid could burn the throat on the way back, increasing the pain and distress.
  • Keep the child still, reassure him, and pay attention to what they have to say.
  • If the child is a baby, hold him or her in your arms.

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