How do you deal with your patients in electronic clinics?

The most crucial factors that must be considered when dealing with patients in electronic clinics are those that we outline in this article in response to questions from doctors.

How do you deal with your patients in electronic clinics?

Doctors are setting up electronic clinics (E-clinics) much more frequently than before because of how well these clinics worked during the corona virus pandemic that was just starting to spread.

Many doctors inquire as to the most crucial factors that must be taken into account when setting up this clinic and how to manage patients in electronic clinics.

How do you deal with your patients in electronic clinics?

Is there a best practise for dealing with patients in online clinics? What are the most crucial details that must not be overlooked? Here are some of the most important tips for establishing a good relationship with patients and dealing with them in the best way within the e-clinic:

  • Confirm appointments and communicate with patients about their post-treatment experiences.

In order to ensure easy communication with the patient and receiving the best possible medical care, it is advised when setting up an electronic clinic to choose a service provider that guarantees the ability to send text messages to patients in order to follow up on the patient after treatment and confirm appointments.

YourDoctorTips Pro offers the service of sending text messages to the patient in the manner desired by him via phone or email, and the doctor organises it in a very straightforward and easy manner.

  • Listen to the opinions of patients

Patients must work to resolve recurring issues and interact as much as possible with the electronic clinic's maintenance team, particularly in the case of challenging technical issues, so that their opinions about the medical services offered within the electronic clinic are heard and not disregarded.

In order to create services and fix issues that the patient or doctor encounters within the electronic clinic, YourDoctorTips Pro offers an integrated maintenance team.

  • See the patient's medical history before the appointment

Before the appointment, the doctor is advised to review the patient's medical file as this helps to provide many questions that can be asked to the patient while also helping to compress the appointment time.

When establishing the electronic clinic using Web Medicine Pro, it is simple and possible to electronically obtain the patient's medical record.

  • Paying attention to the patient's mental health

The patient's mental health must be taken into consideration because it is just as important as their physical health and plays a crucial role in their treatment.

If the patient is experiencing any psychological issues, it is advised to pay attention to him and to incorporate him into support groups for people with similar issues.

  • Building good relationships with patients

During the appointment, patients should be questioned about their health conditions and the main sources of their dissatisfaction and discomfort. These questions are crucial to establishing positive patient relationships and ensuring that patients continue to visit the doctor and clinic.

  • Ensuring the provision of high quality services

The doctor is advised to offer fewer, higher-quality services rather than many, lower-quality ones. This creates mutual respect between the doctor and the patient and builds good relationships.

  • Writing recipes electronically

It is easier for patients to receive treatment when prescriptions are written and sent to them electronically. This also protects the prescriptions from loss.

  • Treat each patient differently

Since not every patient can be treated in the same manner and style, it is important to consider the differences between various patients.

Even if you observe patients exhibiting odd behaviour, such as anger or extreme tension, it is advisable to listen to them and consider their medical condition and problems.

When dealing with a patient from a distance and not directly seeing them, it is also advised to try to understand the situation from their perspective.

  • Commitment to punctuality

The accuracy of appointments is one of the electronic clinics' most significant benefits. Therefore, it is recommended to adhere to the accuracy of appointments and not to delay them, and to ensure that the patient is informed in advance in the event of any emergency that requires delaying or canceling the appointment.

The perfect appointment management service is offered by YourDoctorTips Pro, which also has the capability of informing the patient of any developments relating to changing these appointments.

  • Considering patients' expectations

Patients frequently have high expectations for their experiences in the electronic clinic, so it is important to meet these expectations to the greatest extent possible by considering the quality of electronic appointments and ensuring that the audio and video calls services are set to the highest possible quality.

A variety of high-caliber and professional services are available through the electronic clinic service provided by YourDoctorTips Pro, along with audio and video calls.

  • treating the patient in accordance with their illness

As it is impossible to see the patient and closely examine him in the electronic clinic, the doctor must be aware that the appointment with the patient remotely is typically different from the actual appointment. As a result, the doctor must prepare all the questions that the patient can answer so that the patient's responses can be heavily relied upon for the diagnosis.

The doctor must set up a system within the electronic clinic so that, depending on the patient's condition, cases that are challenging to diagnose through electronic clinics are transferred to the actual clinics or the emergency department.


Even though the effectiveness of electronic clinics has been demonstrated in numerous nations around the world, the most crucial factors that are required to achieve this effectiveness should not be overlooked, as one of the most crucial things that must be accomplished in the best way is the interaction between the doctor and the patient at the level of medical and personal care.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Web Medicine Pro team if you have any questions or need any information.

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