How to measure the success of a virtual appointment in e-clinics

The following article explains how to evaluate an e-clinic virtual appointment's effectiveness:

How to measure the success of a virtual appointment in e-clinics

Patient reviews of online clinics are increasing, especially after the recent novel coronavirus pandemic, so how do you measure the success of a virtual appointment in online clinics? What are the most effective methods for that?

How to measure the success of a virtual appointment in e-clinics

Many doctors ask about the most important factors that must be taken into account in order to verify the success of the virtual appointment or not in the electronic clinics. The following are the key considerations for determining the effectiveness of a virtual appointment in an electronic clinic:

  • default appointment time 

The time taken for the virtual appointment must be measured and compared with the time taken for the actual appointment with the same case and under the same circumstances. The success of a virtual appointment in an electronic clinic is determined by how quickly and efficiently it can be conducted while maintaining the same level of service.

With the ability to compare and compile statistics with the length of the actual appointments made by the doctor under similar circumstances, YourDoctorTips pro assists in providing a service for measuring the duration of the electronic appointment.

  • Correct diagnosis and treatment

The quality of services is not in any way diminished or sacrificed when scheduling appointments virtually. Therefore, the success of the electronic appointment can be measured or not by examining the validity of the diagnosis and treatment and the extent to which the patient benefits from that and improves his health condition.

The success of the electronic appointment with the patient is determined by the medical review service offered by YourDoctorTipsPro, which tracks the patient's health condition improvement and treatment benefit.

  • Patient reviews and evaluation

The success of the electronic appointment can be measured by taking into account the patients' opinions and their evaluation of the clinic. In the event that there are any issues, it is advised to continuously review these opinions and work to fix the electronic clinic.

After completing the electronic appointment, YourDoctorTips Pro offers a clinic evaluation service and writes the patient's opinion honestly and transparently.

  • Patients return to the clinic again and again 

In order to determine how frequently patients return to the clinic following their initial appointment and the degree of their continuity in these reviews, a simple statistic can be created. This provides a quick overview of how satisfied these patients are with the services received.

  • how closely patients follow their treatment plan

Patients' adherence to the treatment plan can be used to gauge how well the electronic appointment went. This can be done by asking patients about their commitment to appointments, or by conducting periodic checks that determine their commitment to treatment, or by using technology to monitor the patient remotely.

  • Increased numbers of patients

As most patients who receive approval for taking the electronic appointment tell other people nearby about the clinic, which in turn leads to an increase in the numbers inside it, the increase in patients is a sign that the electronic appointment was successful for patients who visited the electronic clinic in advance.

The daily clinic attendance is counted with the aid of YourDoctorTips Pro. It also helps in counting the number of people who book electronic appointments and measuring the amount of increase during a specific period of time.


Several factors, including the degree of patients' adherence to the treatment plan, the number of visitors to the online clinic, or the frequency with which patients return to the same online clinic, can be measured to determine whether or not a virtual appointment in an online clinic was successful.

Web Medicine Pro helps to measure and produce a statistical report that shows the success of electronic appointments and how it has evolved over time. If you have any questions about this, don't be afraid to get in touch with the Web Medicine Pro team.

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