Methods of storing patient information in the electronic world

What are the most important methods of storing patient information in the electronic world? Learn the solution from this article:

Methods of storing patient information in the electronic world

Storing patient information in the electronic world is one of the most important things that must be taken into consideration in the event of a desire to establish an electronic clinic (E-Clinic) or provide telehealth services. What are the most significant methods for electronic patient data storage?

Methods of storing patient information in the electronic world

The methods of storing patient information are among the important matters that the doctor must address with the service provider, as the storage method helps to preserve patient information in privacy and confidentiality and protect it from loss. The most crucial actions for keeping patient data in the digital world are as follows:

  • Preview the nature of the information that is stored

The optimal method of storing information depends on the inclusion of this information within a data unit that is approved by the service provider. In order for information to be properly stored within the data unit, its electronic form and nature must be examined.

As a telehealth service provider, YourDoctorTips Pro makes sure that medical data for the doctor or patient is stored in a data unit in a way that ensures privacy and high confidentiality.

  • Preview the privacy of information before storing it

Before the information is stored, the privacy of the data must be examined, as well as who has access to it. The privacy of patients can be maintained by allowing only the doctor, or the doctor and clinic staff, to access the data.

  • Store information reliably

It is necessary to verify the data storage strategy, how the data unit's contents can be used when travelling from one country to another, and whether the data unit in question supports that, in accordance with the data unit that is used to store patient information.

  • Division of information to be stored

You must separate the information you want to store into groups based on its importance and sensitivity. Information that is not harmful to view can be placed in a specific file and within certain rules, while creating another file for highly confidential and sensitive information in another file and within stricter privacy rules.

  • Take into account the selection of workers in the data entry divisions

Workers in the data entry divisions should be carefully chosen to be highly qualified, experienced, and absolutely confident in order to deal with highly sensitive data.

  • Consider the cost needed to store the data

Before determining the actual cost of storing this information in confidentiality and high privacy, it is important to take the cost of loss into account. The cost of storing data must also be determined, as well as what is the real cost behind its loss or loss.

  • Testing the database before adopting it

Before implementing the girls' storage rule, it is advised to test it by considering how easy it is to store information, how easy it is to reload information, and how easy it is for someone else to access this information.

Important tips

The most crucial first step that needs to be taken is selecting a service provider that assists in storing patient information. Here are the most important tips that must be taken into account before adopting methods of storing patient information and choosing a service provider in the electronic world:

  • Do a simple search for the reputation of the service provider

Before entering into a contract with a service provider, it is advisable to research both its general reputation and the opinions of those who have dealt with it in the past.

  • Check if the service provider has enough space to handle all the data

You must determine whether the service provider's data storage space is adequate or not based on the data currently available.

  • Verify data encryption

Before storing the data in the database, make sure the data is correctly encoded. This is crucial because patient data contains extremely private information.

  • Checking the ability to modify the stored data

It must be confirmed that the data stored can be changed, just as it must be guaranteed that the patient records stored cannot be changed by anyone besides the relevant parties.

  • View in advance the procedure to follow in the event of information loss.

In the event that data within the database is lost due to hacking or the like, the work mechanism must be reviewed beforehand, allowing this matter to be verified by carefully reading the contract and the problems that result from the loss of data and how to recover it.


Providers of telehealth services, no matter who they are, must consider how to organise and store patient information in a highly confidential manner, as this is one of the fundamental principles that will determine whether the clinic's efforts are successful or not.

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