Services provided by electronic clinics to patients

Both doctors and patients can use the services that e-clinics offer, but in this article we'll concentrate on the ones that are specifically for patients.

Services provided by electronic clinics to patients

Since their inception, e-clinics have developed to include a wide range of essential services to cater to the needs of all patients, which helps to provide the patient with the highest quality of medical care possible. We will outline the following patient services offered by online clinics in this article:

Services provided by electronic clinics to patients

The electronic clinic can offer a wide variety of medical services. The following are services provided by the electronic clinics to patients:

  • Simple scheduling and appointment reminders for patients

Patients can visit a doctor's e-clinic page and easily book an appointment with a specific doctor among the available times, with the option of modification and cancellation. This is made possible by e-clinics.

Patients can make appointments on YourDoctorTips pro in a very simple manner, and they can also be texted to remind them of these appointments.

  • Entering the electronic clinic using various devices

Anywhere that person is, they can enter the electronic clinic and schedule a visit with the doctor using a variety of devices.

  • the capability of communicating analyses and results to the patient

In order for the patient to fully understand his condition, the doctor can share the screen with him and explain test or x-ray results.

  • Improvement of the patient's health

The improvement of the patient’s health condition may be related to several things when using the electronic clinic , such as: the possibility of the doctor seeing the patient at successive intervals, which ensures that the patient does not exceed appointments that may require hardship when going to the actual clinic. Following treatment, the patient's health and safety are ensured by the doctor's continued observation of them.

After treatment, patient reviews are organised by Web Medicine Pro in a way that is convenient for both the patient and the doctor.

  • lowering the price of the necessary transportation to the clinic

By allowing patients to easily and quickly see the doctor using an electronic clinic without having to leave their home or place of employment, e-clinics assist in lowering the costs associated with transportation in order to get to the actual clinic for the review.

  • Ensure patient safety

E-clinics assist in ensuring patient safety, particularly for patients whose lives may be in danger when leaving the house, like those who have fractures, cancer, or immune-deficiency conditions.

  • Reduce waiting time for patients

The patient is assured that the appointment he books through the electronic clinic is accurate, preventing him from having to wait as long as possible before the appointment as he would in a physical clinic.

  • Possibility to choose the attending physician

E-clinics give patients the option to select the treating physician in any specialty they desire, based on their condition, allowing them to select a specialist or consultant physician.

In order to expand the clinic and give patients the option to choose between different specialties, Web Medicine Pro offers services that enable the doctor to integrate his clinic with other clinics and doctors. This increases the number of patients who visit the clinic.

  • High quality video and audio chat

High-quality video and audio chat, one of the most crucial services offered by online clinics, enables patients to receive the best possible medical care.

  • Receive treatment 

The electronic clinic makes it simple and certain that the patient's records are maintained for the patient to receive medical prescriptions.


E-clinics give patients the chance to receive the same services offered in real clinics with the same quality, and these clinics are still being developed to guarantee that patients receive the best medical care possible that helps to improve society's overall health.

Have you changed your mind about using e-clinics? Contact the Web Medicine Pro team to get all the information and answer all inquiries.

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