Telemedicine: What do we mean by it?

Telemedicine has become one of the important and frequently discussed topics during the emerging Corona virus pandemic. Here is the key information from this article about it.

Telemedicine: What do we mean by it?

There is a significant role for technology in enhancing the methods of communication between the doctor and the patient, to open new horizons in the communication process in ways that were not previously proposed through what is known as telemedicine. Various modern technological means have contributed to increase methods of communication between people, especially when compared to the old traditional methods of communication.

What does Telemedicine mean?

When the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic first emerged, telemedicine quickly rose to prominence and became a hot topic of conversation. However, many people are unaware that telemedicine actually dates back to 1964, when doctors first started using the telephone to communicate with their patients.

In order to develop and improve the health services offered to patients, telemedicine uses technology to transfer information from one region to another. It also helps the medical staff interact with patients and provide them with care while giving patients the chance to speak with doctors both in-person and over the phone.

With the emerging Corona virus pandemic, isolation and quarantine have become two of the most significant contemporary issues. As a result, communication medicine is crucial in order to improve patient communication and prevent patients from feeling alone and fearful.

Since this technology can be used to diagnose the patient's condition using radiographs sent electronically or records of the patient's medical history, the health services offered through telemedicine vary. Thus, doctors obtain sufficient information about the condition through transmitted documents or through audio-visual communication with the patient through In order to develop an integrated treatment plan that can be followed up remotely.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

The most significant ways that electronic medical communication between a doctor and a patient helps to improve the effectiveness of healthcare are as follows:

  • The technology's use of visual and auditory aids facilitates accurate patient diagnosis.
  • Without the need for appointments, doctors can see patients who require urgent medical attention and treat them right away.
  • Follow-up care for patients with chronic diseases without the need for recurrent visits to the clinic.
  • private conversations with the patient and various forms of psychological care.
  • Remotely provide the patient with the information they require to conduct routine checks, such as blood pressure or blood sugar.
  • After the patient leaves the hospital, check on their health.
  • To educate patients about diseases and various health conditions, it is helpful to provide lectures or other educational tools that can be used to reach a large group of patients.
  • With the help of e-medicine, patients can consult with doctors without having to travel long distances for appointments and can receive a complete diagnosis and treatment while still at home.
  • Many people who live in remote areas or whose health prevents them from moving and visiting a doctor's office for treatment benefit greatly from it.
  • Instead of conducting broad Internet searches, patients were able to find specific information about their medical conditions.
  • These patients can communicate with care teams that offer medical and psychological support for comparable cases thanks to technology.

What are the benefits offered by Web Medicine Pro?

Along with the aforementioned advantages, Web Medicine Pro additionally provides the following services:

  • appointment scheduling with patients is done with precision and ease.
  • providing a platform where the patient can communicate with the doctor in complete privacy and explain everything related to his health condition.
  • Easy registration from anywhere in the world thanks to Web Medicine Pro's ability to reach a wider range of patients, especially those who live in remote areas, are elderly, or have mobility issues.
  • the opportunity to interact and share experiences with highly trained medical professionals from around the world. Through this platform, conferences and courses can be held to develop doctors’ skills and improve the health services provided.
  • the search function being made available through the Medicine website, which receives more than 27 million visitors each month from the Arab world.
  • Premium services are offered by YourDoctorTips Pro at affordable prices.
  • In addition to having access to visual and audio communication that helps in reaching the best diagnosis, the doctor can give the patient the best and most accurate diagnosis by directly asking him about the symptoms he experiences.
  • The efficiency of the patient's medical care can be improved by the doctor sending the patient's information to specialised clinics or laboratories that use electronic medical technology.

YourDoctorTips Pro offers a platform that assists the medical staff in using telemedicine in an efficient and secure manner. This improves communication between the medical staff and patients as well as among the staff members themselves, allowing them to share knowledge and experiences without having to leave their offices.


The Corona pandemic has greatly shed light on electronic means in order to serve many sectors, the most important of which is the medical sector, as despite the many benefits of telemedicine, it is a means that helps to enhance and develop facial health care and not cancel it. Telemedicine would instead be used for facial medicine and has many benefits in terms of time and effort.

Have you started using telemedicine yet? Telemedicine technology is widely used today. Contact the Web Medicine Pro team to answer all questions, consults, and provide services related to telemedicine.

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