The importance of video appointments in electronic clinics

What function do video appointments serve in online clinics? Find out the answer in the following article.

The importance of video appointments in electronic clinics

What is the significance of video appointments in electronic clinics since they are based on taking virtual appointments using any of the methods of contemporary technology, such as: audio and video calls?

The importance of video appointments in electronic clinics

The use of video calls is one of the most common methods of communication regarding virtual appointments in electronic clinics. The following are the key ideas regarding the value of video appointments in online clinics:

  • Reaching the largest number of patients

Since actual appointments may only be available to those who live close to the clinic or have frequented it for years on occasion, video calls are one of the effective methods that help the doctor reach the greatest number of patients.

Many patient types, such as those who live in remote areas, the elderly, or those with immunodeficiency diseases whose visit to actual clinics and health service delivery centres poses a risk to their lives, can communicate with doctors more easily thanks to video calls.

To help the clinic reach out to a large number of people across all demographics, YourDoctorTips pro contributes by offering the marketing service for the e-clinic.

  • Save effort and cost

The fact that the patient and the doctor must travel to the clinic in person to schedule appointments adds time and expense for both parties. By using video calls as a communication tool, virtual appointments can be scheduled at any time and anywhere, saving time and money.

  • Dealing with emergencies

The use of video calls in similar situations enables the doctor to thoroughly examine the situation and provide the patient with the best urgent solutions prior to the arrival of the ambulance team. There are some emergency cases that may affect patients suddenly, and this case coincides with the ambulance team's inability to arrive at the appropriate time.

The patient can use the options for urgent and emergency cases that YourDoctorTips Pro offers in order to receive assistance very quickly and without having to wait.

  • Enhance the doctor-patient relationship

By giving the patient the chance to discuss all of his concerns with the doctor at the right time and place, as well as by enabling the patient to contact the doctor more quickly than in person and at various times as needed, video calls help to improve the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Increasing the quality of medical care services provided

Using virtual remote calls to communicate with doctors of various specialties or from other countries enables the provision of high-quality medical care services. This allows for the acquisition of services, particularly for challenging cases, at more affordable rates.

YourDoctorTipsPro offers a service that enables doctors to connect with other doctors from different specialties and also works to offer the best channels for connecting regional doctors with doctors from all over the world.

  • maintaining the patient's private records and protecting his privacy

Video calls are very private, so sharing files like patient prescriptions or medical analyses is permitted. This ensures that the patient gets all the information he needs while protecting his private files from theft.

Assuring the patient that everything said during the video call is protected by the clinic's policies and the tools it employs, YourDoctorTipsPro offers a highly private video call service.

  • Providing psychological care services

Due to the fact that most patients feel very comfortable speaking with a doctor via video call from their homes or other preferred locations, psychiatric services have become very popular during the most recent COVID-19 pandemic.

The importance of video appointments in e-clinics lies in the patients’ feeling of great privacy while talking with the doctor, which helps them receive the psychological help they need. Reviews of family psychiatric clinics are also improved by video calls.

A platform for psychological care called YourDoctorTipsPro includes specialised doctors with whom patients can have video calls whenever it's convenient for them.


Have you ever considered the value of video consultations in online clinics? Video calls are of great importance in the process of making virtual appointments with the doctor, such as: access to a larger number of patients, saving effort and cost for the patient and the doctor, and greatly enhancing the doctor- patient relationship.

Please feel free to get in touch with the Web Medicine Pro team if you have any additional questions about the value of video appointments in online clinics. We'll be happy to provide all the information you need.

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