Things a patient should not do on virtual appointments

What actions shouldn't the patient take before setting up an electronic appointment with the doctor? There are instructions for the most crucial things that must be done.

Things a patient should not do on virtual appointments

There are instructions for the most crucial actions that must be taken both before and during the doctor's electronic consultation, but are there any actions that the patient should avoid taking during these appointments?

Things a patient should not do on virtual appointments

The patient should refrain from the following during virtual appointments:

  • Before making the appointment, avoid using the internet.

Before scheduling an electronic appointment with a doctor, it is a good idea to search the Internet. Failing to do so could result in a number of malfunctions during the virtual appointment process, which would impede the doctor's work and make it impossible to provide the patient with the proper medical care.

The patient can view all of these steps when making an electronic appointment with the doctor thanks to YourDoctorTips pro's step-by-step instructions.

  • Make the virtual appointment while driving or at the office.

As it is not advised to make electronic appointments inside the workplace or while driving at all, it is advised to do so in a suitable and quiet location, away from noise and busyness with other tasks.

The doctor's ability to focus and accurately diagnose the patient is severely hampered by scheduling an electronic appointment in the wrong location.

  • Being late

According to the policy of some electronic clinics, since virtual appointments are distinguished by not requiring lengthy waits, the patient's tardiness at the doctor's appointment impedes the process of taking appointments in an orderly manner and may result in the inability to take the appointment with the doctor (E-clinic).

In order to help patients remember their appointments and avoid missing or being late for them, YourDoctorTips Pro offers the service of sending alerts and SMS to doctors and patients.

  • Stay away from the camera during the appointment

It is advised to position the camera in a location that allows the doctor to clearly see the patient so that he can make an accurate diagnosis. During the electronic appointment, the doctor does not need to see what is happening around the patient.

  • Asking a doctor something you don't know can be embarrassing.

When scheduling an online appointment, some patients are reluctant to bring up questions they may have about a diagnosis, a medical condition, or the technology being used.

As electronic clinics are one of the forms of modern technology that are not well known to many people, it is advisable to ask the patient directly what is going on in their mind and to not be ashamed of that matter. Additionally, there is no harm in repeatedly asking about the most crucial issues related to it.

  • Not cooperating with the doctor 

In order to diagnose the patient, the doctor may ask him to reveal certain parts of his body. This is considered normal and legal and does not imply that the patient is refusing to cooperate with the doctor.

When the doctor asks a patient to help him diagnose their condition, some patients refuse, which makes it more difficult to diagnose the patient's condition.


The patient should avoid doing a number of things during the virtual appointments, including not checking the Internet before scheduling the appointment, not selecting a suitable location for the virtual appointment, and declining to assist the doctor as needed.

If you have any questions about how to handle virtual appointments in online clinics or what the most crucial things are that should be avoided, don't hesitate to contact YourDoctorTipsPro.

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