Types of technology used in telehealth

Discover the various forms of technology used in telehealth by reading this article.

Types of technology used in telehealth

What types of technology are used in telehealth? Modern technology has recently undergone constant development to encompass many industries around the world, the most significant of which are the health sectors. As a result, there are many electronic services that can be provided within health clinics and service providers responsible for providing these services as well.

Types of technology used in telehealth 

Many types of technology are usually used in order to apply the principle of healthcare in a highly efficient manner and serve both the doctor and the patient alike. The most significant categories of technology used in telehealth are as follows:

  • video calls

Since video calls facilitate efficient and effective communication between the doctor and the patient, they have become one of the components used in telehealth.

In order to ensure that patients receive complete medical care, video calls have been adopted in electronic clinics (E-Clinics) for doctor and patient appointments that are conducted electronically. This eliminates the need for patients to physically visit the clinic.

As a telehealth service provider, YourDoctorTips pro offers video calling in a very user-friendly and intuitive manner for both the doctor and the patient.

  • Wireless technology 

In order to provide patients and service recipients with services of all kinds, telehealth also depends on wireless technology, which depends on giving the healthcare provider access to the required wireless internet network.

  • Saving data

The technology used to store data is equally important to all other types of technology because it is required to store patient data and records, prescriptions for their medications, appointments with patients, and all other documents and data pertaining to telehealth services.

Web Medicine Pro offers a technological foundation that makes it possible to save data and information in a very organised and professional manner, ensuring that it is protected from loss and convenient to use when needed.

  • mobile applications

Mobile phone applications that offer telehealth services have grown in popularity recently because of how easily this technology makes it possible to reach a wider range of patients.

Numerous health-related services, including scheduling appointments, monitoring a patient's heart rate, counting steps taken daily, calculating calories, and many others, can be offered by mobile applications.

  • Voice conversations

Similar to video calls, voice chat technology can be used to establish communication between the doctor and the patient. This facilitates efficient communication and benefits both parties.

As it is possible to place a voice call between the doctor and the patient or just send voice messages, YourDoctorTipsPro offers a clear and user-friendly voice call and chat service.

  • Sending documents and using fax machines

Fax services or technology that supports sending documents can be included, as this is important for the doctor to communicate with patients and send documents to them, or for the doctor to communicate with other doctors or medical laboratories in order to exchange patient analyses and examinations.


Although the emerging Corona virus pandemic had some negative effects on society, it was also linked to many positives, such as motivating many to use technology to provide healthcare to patients and adopting these methods as an essential component of current medical care in a way that benefits both patients and doctors.

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