What care does the patient receive in the e-clinic?

Is it possible for the patient to receive all kinds of care in the electronic clinic? Read this article to learn more information.

What care does the patient receive in the e-clinic?

In order for health services to be provided within these clinics with the same quality, the application of the electronic clinic (E-Clinics) principle has become a common practise. However, what kind of care does the patient receive there?

What care does the patient receive in the e-clinic?

The following are the most significant types of healthcare that the patient receives in the electronic clinic, though the patient receives many different health services there.

  • Diagnosis of the patient's health condition

By scheduling a virtual appointment with the doctor and using video and audio to achieve full communication, the patient can receive one of the most crucial services provided by the doctor within the electronic clinic: a medical diagnosis.

A platform that supports video and audio calls between a doctor and patient to diagnose medical conditions and administer treatment is provided by YourDoctorTips pro, an online clinic service provider.

  • Provide appropriate treatment

By writing electronic medical prescriptions, the doctor diagnoses the patient's condition and accordingly administers the necessary care. This is one of the modern techniques that helps make these prescriptions clearer and prevents their loss.

In order for the electronic clinic platform to be used to write these prescriptions in a very easy way with the capability to automatically save them in the patient's file, YourDoctorTips Pro offers medical prescriptions that can be provided to patients.

  • Maintain a patient's medical record 

One of the most significant factors that contributed to the organisation of the electronic clinics is the meticulous organisation of the patient medical records.

In addition to maintaining patient records in a highly private manner that safeguards them from electronic intrusions, Web Medicine Pro assists in keeping them in a highly organised manner.

  • Access to doctors with different specialties

E-clinics made it possible for doctors to easily transfer patients to other doctors with different specialties when there were multiple doctors with different specialties working in the same clinic.

In order to give patients the best medical care possible, YourDoctorTipsPro assists doctors in collaborating with other medical professionals from various specialties.

  • Laboratory tests

In order for the doctor to receive the results of these tests directly without the patient having to travel to the laboratory himself, e-clinics can be connected to laboratories that perform laboratory tests.

  • Patient follow-up

Since patients, especially those with chronic diseases, frequently require ongoing follow-up by a doctor, e-clinics helped to better follow up the patient.

Because the patient doesn't have to visit the clinic continuously and repeatedly, the doctor's follow-up with the patient via the electronic clinic is very simple.

In addition to reminding the doctor and patient of these appointments in a very organised manner, YourDoctorTips Pro offers a number of services that assist in scheduling appointments.

  • X-rays 

In order to get the proper diagnosis without having to physically visit the clinics, patients can get the doctor's care regarding x-rays by having themselves or the hospital send the x-rays to the doctor electronically.


Electronic clinics are without a doubt a supplement to traditional clinics rather than a replacement for them. However, these clinics are constantly evolving in a way that helps patients to obtain integrated medical care more easily and easily.

Do you still have concerns or questions about the medical care that patients receive at the online clinic? Do not hesitate to contact the Web Medicine Pro team to answer all questions.

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