What is electronic medicine (Telemedicine)?

In order to help patients' health, telemedicine is the process of exchanging medical information from one location to another using electronic communications.

What is electronic medicine (Telemedicine)?

Many clinics, hospitals, and doctors turned to electronic medicine as a result of the new Corona virus's spread, but this field of medicine didn't start developing until around 1950, when some hospitals were already communicating with patients over the phone.

What does electronic medicine mean?

In order to help patients' health, telemedicine is the process of exchanging medical information from one location to another using electronic communications.

E-medicine has a variety of uses and can be applied to services like smartphones, wireless tools, email, and video.

E-medicine was initially created to make it easier for specialists and doctors to reach a larger population of people in remote locations by connecting them with doctors who work with patients in different locations.

Despite the significance of electronic medicine and its numerous advantages, its use was constrained by the high cost of the equipment. However, at the present time and due to the tremendous technological development, it has become easy to adopt electronic medicine as a basic method for doctors, especially during the period of the spread of the emerging Corona virus.

To meet the demands of doctors who need to work remotely and to provide patients with health and medical care while they are at home, many businesses have started to offer e-medicine services.

The use of software and electronic communications to deliver clinical services to patients without a personal visit is therefore referred to as telemedicine, or e-medicine.

Follow-up appointments, medication management, specialist consultation, and a variety of other clinical services that can be delivered remotely via secure video and audio communications are all frequently handled by telemedicine technology.

In response, YourDoctorTipsPro offers a safe platform for easy remote communication between medical professionals and patients, benefiting both parties.

What are the benefits of electronic medicine?

As a physician, using e-medicine can bring you many different benefits, which include:

  • Increase profits.
  • Improving clinic efficiency.
  • improving the follow-up procedure for elderly patients in order to achieve the desired health outcome faster and with higher quality.
  • Reduce the number of missed appointments that are canceled by patients.
  • Improve and facilitate the payment process.
  • Reaching a larger base of patients and different countries.
  • lowering the likelihood that clinic patients and the work team will become infected with infectious diseases.
  • reducing office and paper work, centralising all patient files online, and making it easier for the patient or the doctor to access them later.

What are the benefits offered by Web Medicine Pro?

Utilizing DoctorWeb Medicine Pro would bring about the following advantages in addition to all the ones already mentioned:

  • Easy to register from anywhere in the world.
  • the search function being made available through the Medicine website, which receives more than 27 million visitors each month from the Arab world.


Although electronic medicine has been around for a while, advances in technology, the Internet, and smartphone use have made it more and more common. However, it is important to know that electronic medicine came to complement face-to-face medicine, and to make the patient follow-up process easier and better, meaning that it will not negate the importance of having actual clinics on the ground.

Do you currently use electronic medicine? If not, do you still have any reservations? Get in touch with the Web Medicine Pro team to discuss your thoughts now.

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