What is HIPPA and how do you get it?

How is this done when you want to provide medical services remotely and need to protect the patient and doctor's information?

What is HIPPA and how do you get it?

Despite the great technological development that the world has witnessed in recent times, which contributed to the development of many sectors, the most important of which are the health sectors, the provision of telemedicine services has faced many problems related to privacy and the occurrence of electronic intrusions, which requires searching for the best ways to protect this information, What exactly is HIPPA and how can you obtain it?

What is HIPPA and how do you get it?

When deciding to offer medical services remotely, you must carefully consider how to safeguard the data of the patient and the treating physician on the platform being utilised.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA, was established in 1996 with the goal of safeguarding medical records and other private medical information. As a result, this law protects both paper and electronic medical records.

The exchange of information within electronic clinics (E-Clinics) or any platform that offers services remotely is thought to be private, and exposure to breaches has a negative impact on the quality of the medical services offered and their future.

When using dubious programmes with no laws protecting the privacy of the information being circulated, medical information is frequently more susceptible to electronic intrusions.

Contrary to popular belief, it is very important to store information in a global system that safeguards it from theft and violations. Rather, doctors are advised to invest in how to save and fortify information before providing health services in the first place, as this helps to save the cost of losing information And the cost of causing damage to the reputation of the doctor and the clinic due to the lack of sufficient privacy within the medical services provided.

It is possible to obtain HIPPA technology in a few different ways, including by subscribing to programmes that already support it or by signing up with a medical service provider that does.

To ensure that businesspeople or doctors have high confidentiality while using Skype for business, Microsoft, for instance, offers Skype for Business with HIPPA support.

When a doctor takes part in comparable international programmes, the patient must be present in order for them to benefit, which is costly and somewhat costly for both the doctor and the patient.

Another choice is to sign up with a medical service provider, which gives the doctor access to an electronic platform through which he can communicate with the patient and maintain all medical records in compliance with HIPPA.

When a doctor wants to sign up for a similar service, there may be an additional fee, but when you weigh the advantages of this service and its benefits of maintaining the privacy of all calls and medical records, it is a good investment and has many advantages when you do the atonement carefully.

One of the medical service providers, YourDoctorTips Pro, uses a variety of technologies to safeguard the privacy of both patient and doctor information. YourDoctorTips Pro also offers HIPPA service that can be selected in order to ensure great confidentiality of all information inside Long-term medical platform.


Maintaining the confidentiality of files within any electronic clinic or any platform for the provision of medical services is extremely important when wanting to create any medical services that can be provided remotely. Using HIPPA technology is one of the contemporary methods for protecting the privacy of this data.

Do you still have concerns about utilising and obtaining HIPPA technology? Do not hesitate to contact the Web Medicine Pro team in order to answer all inquiries related to this.

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