When does the fetus gain weight quickly?

When does the foetus rapidly gain weight? Do some foods have the potential to help the foetus gain weight? Find out the answers through this article.

When does the fetus gain weight quickly?

From the very first moment of pregnancy, the foetus begins to grow and develop. In this article, we will answer the question: When does the fetus gain weight quickly?

When does the fetus gain weight quickly?

The last trimester of pregnancy is the period during which the fetus gains weight quickly, as after the end of 29 weeks after pregnancy, the child’s development has been completed and he has begun to gain weight rapidly. An overview of the fetus's rate of weight gain during the last trimester of pregnancy can be found in the following table:

pregnancy week
fetal weight
1 kg
1.300 kg
1,700 kilograms
2.100 kg
2,900 kilograms
3.400 kg

How can the fetus gain weight in a healthy way?

When does the foetus gain weight quickly is revealed by the response to the initial query. To discuss some foods that, in the third trimester of pregnancy or at any other time during pregnancy, may help the foetus gain weight in a healthy way, the most important of which are distilled into the following points:

1. Milk

Milk, which also contains calcium and proteins, is one of the foods that supports healthy foetal weight gain. It is recommended to drink 200-500 milliliters of milk per day, and it is not required to drink it alone, but it can be added to wheat or oats.

2. Yogurt

In addition to being one of the milk products that helps the foetus gain weight healthily, milk contains beneficial bacteria that protect the mother's stomach.

It can be taken alone or added to meals.

3. Legumes

Additionally, they are high in fibre and folic acid. Legumes are one of the sources of vegetable protein that vegetarians need to get their fair share of proteins.

It is recommended to add two servings of legumes per day, especially for women who rely on vegetable protein sources.

4. Meat

Soft meats, like chicken and lean fish, contribute to the fetus's healthy growth in size. In addition, it is a rich source of iron, which is easily absorbed and helps protect the mother from anemia during pregnancy.

5. Eggs

Eggs are one of the foods that contribute to the fetus's weight gain in a healthy way because they are a rich source of protein.

Iron, vitamins A and D, and many other vitamins and minerals are also present. In addition, eggs contain folic acid, which may help prevent fetal deformities.

Tips for a healthy weight gain for the mother

When does the foetus gain weight quickly is revealed by the response to the initial query. And talking about some foods that may help to increase the weight of the fetus in a healthy way to talking about some tips that may help the mother to gain weight in a healthy way as well; This is done to prevent any diseases from developing during pregnancy, like high blood pressure or diabetes, like:

1. Eat several small meals throughout the day

As the pregnancy progresses, it becomes more difficult for the mother to eat one large meal because the uterus presses against the stomach, making it difficult for the woman to digest one large meal. It is therefore advised to divide the meal into several small meals.

2. Sports

It is advised to engage in some sports, such as walking and swimming, as they have a positive impact on the mother's healthy weight gain during pregnancy and prevent obesity and some other pregnancy complications, such as pre-eclampsia or premature birth.

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