Who are the target patients in the electronic clinics?

Learn more about the targeted patients in the online clinics and the information that relates to them by reading this article with us.

Who are the target patients in the electronic clinics?

Who are the target patients in the electronic clinics? The electronic clinics (E-Clinics) were developed to make it easier for patients to schedule doctor appointments and receive medical care.

Who are the target patients in the electronic clinics?

Ever questioned whether e-clinics were the best option for you? Who are the electronic clinics' intended patients? Here is a list of the most important categories of these patients:

  • Patients who are far from medical facilities

Patients who live in remote areas and cannot access medical care centres and hospitals are one of the most significant target groups for e-clinics.

Without the hassle of travelling to physical clinics, patients in remote areas can consult with doctors online while relaxing in their own homes.

  • People who are overworked and have multiple jobs

Due to their busy schedules, some people neglect to go to the doctor and their regular follow-up appointments. These people may work long hours or hold down two jobs at once.

E-clinics give patients the chance to communicate with doctors conveniently and remotely, allowing for on-the-go doctor visits that don't require them to leave their jobs.

In order to help people who go about their daily lives not miss these appointments and make sure to take them regularly, YourDoctorTips pro offers a service to remind patients of electronic appointments.

  • People who frequently travel

Electronic clinics are a good option for people who travel frequently due to their jobs or for other reasons, which makes scheduling doctor appointments very challenging.

Even though they may not have enough time to see a doctor, frequent travellers can make appointments with doctors online and avoid lengthy waits or trips to physical clinics.

  • individuals who look after young children

Who are the electronic clinics' intended patients? Many people take care of young children at home, so that most of these people neglect doctor's appointments in order to take care of their children, which confirms the importance of these people reviewing the electronic clinic to ensure their health and safety.

People who look after young children can schedule appointments with doctors online without having to hire a nanny or leave the kids unattended while they go to physical clinics.

  • patients with long-term illnesses

Chronic disease patients require long-term follow-up, which makes some of these patients neglect actual clinics because it is inconvenient to visit frequently.

E-clinics assist in setting up a schedule for patients with chronic diseases, as well as the required recurrent checkups and medication dosage adjustments.

With the help of a special programme from Web Medicine Pro, patients with chronic diseases can be followed up in a way that ensures appointments for reviews are scheduled within set time frames and that patients are reminded of these appointments.

  • Immunocompromised patients

Immunocompromised patients require special care, so they are advised against frequenting real clinics or hospitals for fear of contracting various diseases.

Through online clinics, immunodeficient patients can consult medical professionals and receive the right care and protection for their condition.


Who are the electronic clinics' intended patients? There are more targeted patients than others in e-clinics, such as: patients who live in remote places, patients with chronic diseases, and immunodeficiency patients.

If you want to market to a particular group of patients, don't be afraid to get in touch with the Web Medicine Pro team because they can help.

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