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YourDoctorTips works to provide trusted medical and health information to  readers wherever they are. We believe in everyone’s right to knowledge and easy access to trusted information. YourDoctorTips aims to be a comprehensive platform for communication between English-speaking people and health care providers, including doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, medical associations and organisations working in health education and awareness, as well as any other entity working to improve the health of English-speaking People through its website, social media portals, and applications.

To accomplish its objective, YourDoctorTips is committed to gaining and maintaining the trust of its users by:

  • Publishing medical information that has been approved by reputable schools of higher learning.
  • Providing content that has been licenced from reputable academic and international organisations like the NHS, Mayo Clinic, and Harvard Medical School.
  • Respecting intellectual property, publishing rights, and moral and professional standards.
  • Preserving the privacy of our users and maintaining the secrecy of any personal data provided to YourDoctorTips.
  • Updating our content to reflect the most recent advancements in science and medicine.
Disclaimer: YourDoctorTips stresses the value of contacting a doctor before beginning any treatment and whenever a medical problem arises. YourDoctorTips only offers information for educational purposes; it should not be used in place of advice from medical professionals.

Without the written consent of YourDoctorTips Ltd, no material provided by YourDoctorTips may be copied, distributed again, reproduced, presented, altered, translated, published, broadcast, sold, or used for commercial gain.

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